Monday, 21 March 2011

Love Lovefilm?

I kind of do, although the PS3 streaming part of the service does NOT light my fire yet.

I went for the free trial as I expect most of you have done - if not I recommend you jump to it. The website (and to a lesser extent the PS3 browser too) is excellent. Creating your rental list is easy and fun, doddle to find things you didn't know you needed to see - like I just watched the pictured film Moon, a very lonely guy running a power station on the moon has a rather eventful ending to his 3 year posting. Not everyones cup of tea but I loved it, very 'Silent Running' in tone, tasty modern retro styling too.

The films available for streaming are quite limited, some stuff comes and goes from the package inclusive streaming, if you miss it then it's usually still available if you pay per title - some chance, noone would go for that surely? Just add the disc to the rental list. I like the Blu Ray quality and would opt for that every time - streaming is nice and even, but sub DVD quality by quite a mark.

I'm on the £9.99 unlimited films + streaming, one disc at a time. I'm only watching 4-5 per month, so I'm changing to £10.20 4 titles + 4 hrs streaming/month, 2 at a time with games. You can manage multiple lists and distrib your 'at a time' quota between them, so I can have a game list and have one of them at a time, family movies on the other. Nice, I'm going to use this for these games I'm missing out on.

I've reduced my Virgin V+ HD cable telly package down a notch, saving I think £8/month, I may go further in the future and can it altogether, if I can be bothered to organise freeview HD. Lovefilm is better.


  1. Moon is a former movie pick of mine at work - any film that can hold your attention with a cast of (pretty much) one is worthy of high praise indeed - and the end of Silent Running is one of the few things in life that actually makes me cry.

    Can't really comment on Lovefilm of course, beyond saying I'm glad It's not big here and doing me out of a job.

  2. Honestly, I'm a bit reluctant to sign up for any more subscription based services atm as I'm already getting royally screwed by Sky every month.

  3. Thats the rub Divine, Sky and Virgin do a sterling job at the upsell, it's really tough getting what you need without being stiffed. I'm mighty tempted to go the freeview+HD route

  4. i has FreeSat-HD box for the last 6mths and have not touched my Virgin box since (i get phone, medium tv and 10Meg BB for £20 a month off them) unless i really have to watch Dave or Eden. the FS-HD more than makes up for it in other old film channels and junk and gives me BBC One HD, BBC HD, ITV HD and some other lifestyle HD channel on the non-freesat scanning.

    my Sat dish is one of those obscene 3ft wide council upsetting jobs :D

    i usually rent films from BlockBuster as i work right around the corner from them now and have to ride past it to get home. Blu-Ray all the way.

    still waiting on my wages to clear, once they do i should be getting an LG42 LX6900 tv, that has in built freeview hd, and spanky 3d o'vision.

  5. love the discs-by-snail-mail-service. Get mostly new content (always try to book it in advance of release), on blu-ray. I wish there was a way to automatically reserve decent stuff to watch - like a tick-box "send me all the good shit".

    Streamed service was a bit disappointing. Yeh, free I know but it rebuffers too much on my connection and the quality is a bit crap. Incidentally I did spot a section designed no doubt for late night viewing under the guise of "educational" presentations teaching adults massage techniques and mystical Eastern shit. I was so offended that I haven't browsed anywhere near that particular section again.

  6. talking of boobies, i saw Piranha 3D at the weekend....

    can't wait to check out the underwater 'dancing' scene on my new set :)

  7. kelly brook! I'd be her piranha any day.

  8. i believe this:

    is what we're talking about :D

    loved that snapped cable bit, epic slicey win.

    *goes to re-adjust pants*

    wait, if these are just the juveniles where are the parenarrrrghhhh!! omnomnomnom.