Sunday, 31 May 2009


Well all the rumours were spot on and someone at Sony's gonna get skinned alive for the leak but we all knew it was coming. A 16gb, umd driveless, sliding screen, entirely digital device... Looks sexy as with most of Sonys devices...


It's clear to me that Sony have taken huge notice of the App store on the iPhone and are pushing for a slice of that market. The announcement has clearly reinvigorated interest amongst developers (Metal gear, Gran turismo, LBP, Motorstorm, Rock Band, new GOW) which is good for everyone. It's a safe bet to see much more PSone classics hitting at a more regular basis (Resi evils/metal gera solid confirmed)...bout f**kin' time! Rumours of a subscription based service (£10 a month, rent/download X number of games) are very interesting too.
Only concerns are the price (surely being UMD-less and entirely digital based the games will be far cheaper and hopefully the console itself won't cost an arm and a leg too...) and the storage size (16gb, about what 9-10 normal PSP games... why not have 16gb and 32gb least it supports micro memory sticks)

It's classic Sony however and I don't think anyone will be surprised if the PSPgo works it way onto everyone Xmas letters to santa. Think i'll be picking one up day one (Trading in my old PSP slim n light of course)


  1. In other news, whose got inFAMOUS? think i'll pick it up today (Uncharted 2 beta too...schweee-eeet)

  2. Nice! Best thing about this news is that I'll soon be able to pick up UMDs for next to nothing as the big retailers clear them from their shelves. Another Sony proprietary media format (UMD) bites the dust.

    What's the deal with Sony only providing support for the mico memory stick though. Surely they know that every current PSP owner has a whole bunch of the Pro Duo variety.

    Next Sony will announce the PS3 Slim!

  3. @ Mittens: My SE from Gamestation arrived Friday morning, still no U2 beta email though :(

  4. Ha - the video talks about running the PSP-3000 and PSPgo at the same time - that'll last about 3 months. Noone will produce a UMD only title ever, this is clearly the way to go.

    Damn I hate teeny memory cards - what's wrong with Duo's like reakt says

  5. i can't play inFAMOUS yet *sniff* been playing the hell out of SBK 09 though. looking forwards to being given it though, the demo was great.

    the microstick on the new psp does seem, well, a typically Sony thing to do if you ask me.

  6. I think they may have just grabbed me with the PSP Go.

    I was debating for ages about whether to get a PSP, but the prospect of something a similar size to my eyefone, GT, MGS and Resi (not to mention all the quality JRPGs) may persuade me to spunk a few hundred notes on one.

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