Thursday, 17 December 2009

Blu-ray 3D spec's, your PS3 is ready

In case plans by AMD and a slew of other tech vendors planning to showcase 3D Blu-ray compatible products at CES wasn't a tip-off, the updated specifications are done. The key details? First, that the Blu-ray Disc Association has chosen the Multiview Video Coding (MVC) codec to store 3D, so that even though it is now providing a full 1080p frame for each eye, it will only require about 50% more storage space compared to the 2D version, and all discs will be fully backwards compatible, in 2D, on existing players. Better than backwards compatibility, the PlayStation 3 will be forwards compatible with the new discs -- a new HDTV setup (the spec promises to work with plasmas, LCDs or projectors equally well) with IR emitters and glasses will still be necessary. According to the PR we can expect Blu-ray 3D-stickered products in 2010.


  1. it's all about the price though eh? Early pricing is bound to be stupid on the hardware, but i'd imagine this needn't affect the movie or game support, as I'd guess it's not expensive to have the option there.

  2. yeah, i just got myself a 32" 1080p screen, no way am i forking out for another for a good few years yet. maybe by then Sony will have the tech running on normal HDTVs. i can't see why not, it did work on CRT monitors using those shutter glasses not so long back. all this bull about needing a tv with IR emitters is just to get people to by a new TV.

    ps: GT:A TT is rigged!! people using those control wheels can turn off the traction control on the normal car. boohiss!! unfair advantage when us pad drivers have to stick to sluggish level 7 traction control.

    anyway my early times are:-

    normal car 1:57 (handles like a pig on marbles)
    tuned car 1:43 (more like it, not bad at all)

    see you on the leader boards guys. my times are about 8 seconds off the leaders, one of which is that git who won it last year!

    for information: in the top 20 'normal' car leaders there are only 2 pad drivers, in the 'tuned' top 20 there is only 1, and he's one of the guys from the normal board, and a GTP clan member! we have lost before we have even started.

  3. freakin huge store update today.

    I may have me some of Braid & Bomberman.

  4. Heheh - saw this on Engadget this afternoon and was going to post it here too. Great minds think alike eh?

    I'm very excited about 3d on PS3. It has enormous potential but as I said before Sony are gonna have to come up with some cooler looking glasses than the "joe 90" specials pictured above.

    Also, I would really like to see some of this 3d stuff. Where can I go and see it in action? I guess the Sony centres will have it on store eventually but I wonder when.

  5. Pinball Dreams + Fantasy ON MY PS3!! i wonder if i can install Workbench 3.1 as 'Other OS' -hehheh-

    Bomberman Ultra is a definite too.

    downloaded but not played Army Of Two: The 40th Day Demo, i really liked the first game despite a few niggles. played much better with TWO people, split screen fun!

    gonna load up some minis for when i take the PS3 over the folks this xmas and research 'casual gamers' in action :D

  6. 3D has come erly!

  7. i got a Modnation Racers beta code this morning.

    *does a happy dance*