Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Wipeout running in 3D on a PS3 Slim

AMD and CyberLink, which recently integrated SENSIO 3D technology into its PowerDVD player, are already touting a 2010 CES demo promising to show off their implementation of "the forthcoming Blu-ray stereoscopic 3D standard." While the world continues to wait for an announcement on what the 3D Blu-ray standard will actually entail (backwards compatible 2D combo discs, and Full HD stereoscopic technology are definitely on the list) AMD is ready to leverage its position as a contributing member of the Blu-ray Disc Association and make sure that when discs hit the market -- likely around the time Avatar is released at home -- it has compatible software and hardware available.

We're prepped and ready for the glasses-required trials that promise to be featured at many booths during next months Las Vegas experience, so a note to potential exhibitors: sports and videogames are the best bet for an impressive 3D showing, bring Space Harrier 3D for extra bonus points.



  1. another day blagged off work with teh coldz! think i shall be spending it constructively again (after hitting up the local chemist) by running around Empire City going all pew pew pew wiv the electrix and sparkx and whoooosh.

    because i iz a good hero this tiem. on day 17 or 18 i think.

    being evil could have been the easy option i guess, but for once, i wanted to be the good guy and help people in a game. not just have sex with them, stab them multiple times then burn their bodies with a molotov before running over their corpse in a big truck... god bless GTA IV :)

    i don't know why (probably the vast amount of pills and cough medicine kicking in) but the guys on the second island, the warren, made me think of Mr Sketch, probably because they have disgarded using gillie camo and use bin bags and plastic sheeting instead and have little faces drawn on their head bags. -heh-

    really enjoying inFAMOUS, just got my static thrusters.

  2. That is absolutely awesome and I really hope I get chance to see this sometime soon for real (with the silly glasses and everything I mean). Sony should do one of their tours to show this off to the masses.

  3. Now Wipeout HD IS a game I wouldn't mind playing in 3D. I'm not terribly sold on the concept as a whole, but this could be ace.


    I bought inFamous the other week, so will have a bit of a play over the festive period. Everyone I know who's played it has enjoyed it and I thought the demo was pretty decent.

  4. @ pablo - inFAMOUS is a great game, reminds me of Assassins Creed in places, the graphics are ace, controls are fluid, cut scenes are graphic noveltastic, definately a must own.

  5. @tone

    God, I hope it's better than the snooze-fest that is Ass Creed.

  6. I've got poop coming out of every orifice!!!

    *chows down on fruit and fibre*

  7. @ pablo - it's MUCH better :D when i said it reminds me of AC, i meant in the see how high you can climb to check out the view way... before throwing yourself off said high point.

    *cordons mr sketch off with police tape*

    *prepares the bleach and a robust mop and bucket*

  8. @tone your comparison of AC and Infamous sounds similar to my experiences in The Saboteur currently. Having great fun jumping off buildings, and just about catching hold of another building across the road. The views of Paris are amazing - and, best of all, you get to drive over French people! :D

  9. @ muggle - fancy writing a few words on your adventures in Paris for the site?

    i climbed up that monsterous tower thing in the Warrens in inFamous yesterday and at one point about 3/4 of the way up i freaked out a bit with vertigo and physically trembled with the fear i may fall.