Friday, 18 December 2009

This is How i Roll :)



  1. *wonders about NDA*

    ahhh, the customisation parts are pretty good, the vehicle bit is like the atv building in Pure, but more so, as in you have a pile of parts to bolt together and colour (my vehicle is a hamster powered off road atv thingy with carboard rims), the little guy though could rob you of hours as you create your own funky vinal dude, i threw my cart and guy togtehr in about 1/2 hour but there are plenty of presets to pick from and a 'randomise' function.

    also you can upload/download the creations, both car and dude for others to have and use in-game.

    going to give the track editor a go later and check out some of the other features.

    the racing, well, it's a cart racer and a pretty good one at that, usual power-ups and weapons to lob around, online multiplayer, split screen usual features. the graphics are bright and cheerful and it handles pretty damn well.

    the game is controled around a central hub system where you can drive around and chat to other players or go to the customise shops or check out the leader boards on big display screens.

    this is the kart racer teh PS3 needed!

    if Sony let us have a similar customisation system for our avatars i could die happy :D

  2. servers off today it seems so more messing with the edit functions
    new gt-a times---- tuned 1.42.3 normal 1.55.7 hows anyonne else doing?
    when i started iwas pulling 2.20 laptimes...

  3. Haven't tried GT yet. I will give it a go tonight. My bro-in-law is coming over. He's an Xbot, but is very good at racing games.

  4. the track editor in Modnation is pretty sweet, i made the High Speed Ring (if it was in the Alps) a rather dubiously phallic shaped track and the Daytona Oval track. plus once you create them you can run test races on them with 5 Ai bots, which is good because i haven't been able to run an online race lately, it keeps saying to connect, even though i am as i have other racers in the hub with me and the screens are displaying events/stats/etc from online, but go anywhere near them to enter a race/event just naffs out and drops your connection or comes back with matchmaking/not found errors. tried it on UK and US accounts, no joy. not good.

    *goes to watch Ginx Files*