Monday, 21 December 2009

Tis The Season.. To Get New Games


Well as Jebus celebrates his 2009th birthday this week we can all look back on the last year and reflect on the important things in life, family, beer and gaming! For without these things our lives would be truly hollow and meaningless.

2009 was a great year for gaming starting off with the ThreeSpeechRegulars going on a massive run of death and humiliation (ours usually) in the great Killzone 2 online, it sure as hell lived up to the hype before all the whiney COD players knackered the controls online! I tend to play bot matchs or local LAN on it these days. Then came the sadness of the death of the semi-official ThreeSpeech and with it, a plucky young commentor decided to knock up his own tribute out of old cereal boxes and stickytape which was to become what you read today, this launch was overshadowed by Sony finally getting it's arse in gear and launched the much to the delite of forum fanboys and the prepubesent.

Sometime during the summer i finally stopped playing Fallout 3 after knocking up over 200hrs of gameplay on it, if that doesn't rate it as an Epic i don't know what will. I remember those first faltering steps out of the Vault101 and gazing across the bleakest most desolate hell hole i have every seen in a game armed only with a boilersuit and a bb gun. little did i know the great and wonderful adventure i would go on to have, the weird folks i'd meet scraping a living from the radiated earth and all the stuff i'd steal from them. My house in Megaton ended up filled with junk and a pile of old money that was beyond counting. good times indeed my friends.

i guess those were the two biggies for me out of the many i bought and played, other great titles were the reworked DiRT2 for letting beat the pants off a guy in a Subaru Impretza in my Mk2 Escort online, Red Faction for the obscene levels of destruction, inFAMOUS because how could shooting lighting from your fingers not PWN! Condemned 2 for it's weird take on the horror gene and letting me beat homeless people to death with lengths of lead pipe. i guess there are others but those are the ones that come to mind first.

so what did you think of 2009? what games are you getting/playing this season?



  1. Got pissed off at Fallout3....nevercould find enough health packs and just found myself dying horrbly when my daddy died and I was running for my life with scientists....quit playing after that >.<

  2. 2009 Highlights:

    A solid 4-5 months playing KZ2 online. My first venture into clan territory. Was a real laugh (especially when we had the regular league organised - we didn't even finish bottom of the table!!)

    Finally played through Uncharted 1 in preparation for the uber-leet Uncharted 2 and force 10 man-crush.

    Street Fighter 4. Wasn't overly bothered until I played it round my mate's house on his 360. Ahh, the memories.

    Flower being the best PSN game ever.

    Also have myself a nice little project over Xmas - can I bring my phat ps3 back from the dead? (or at least long enough to get my save data).

    Biggest Disappointment:

    No jrpg action AT ALL in the pablo house (the couple of hours on FF7 don't count). Hurry up SquareEnix/Atlus/whoever!!

  3. Well in my personal life I've gone from a successful IT career to launching a baby marketing business, so income dropped from B+ to F-. Luckily I'd already purchased a PS3 and massive Phillips tellie - A+++

    Not enough game time fo' sho', KZ2 I wanted to play more than I did, the appeal has worn off with time. Unchartered 2 is great, but it is what it is. Rather enjoyed Resi5 this year, and LBP with my daughter is still a fave. Burnout Paradise was in heavy rotation too, awesome game. Umm, that'll do.

    2010 - Mod Nation and Red Dead pleeese, I'd like to add Ico3 to that list, but so far a cat-bird thing hasn't been enough to move me.

    Santa may bring me COD-MW2 - so perhaps you can all kick me around the PSN soon enough!

  4. 2009 has not allowed me to play as much as I want to. My son is 2 now and incredibly active. Killzone 2 was great though and I really enjoyed the few clan matches I took part in. Remember when we played against GG and got our arses handed to us, as I remember! 2009 has been the year of unfinished games for me! If I look through my trophy collection is embarrassing how many games I have where I have less than 10% trophies obtained.

    Also, we've seen the PSN store really take off this year and there's been loads of good content on there. In fact, in terms of playtime I have had more value out of my PSN store purchases compared with the full price "big hitters".

    PixelJunk shooter I have now 100% completed - maybe the only game I have actually finished this year. That will keep me busy for a while longer though as it's very addictive to try to get decent high scores on each level. Also over Christmas I'll be playing Batman Arkham Asylum. I'm a little late to the party but I was waiting for the price to drop. I think I shall be doing this more and more - waiting for the price drop I mean. I only bought one title at full price in 2009 - Uncharted 2 - and that's because I wanted it on day of release.

    Maybe over Christmas I'll also try to complete some of my other games - it would be good to have a few more platinums. I had a look at Apnomis' profile the other day - I think he has 11.

  5. Have a good Christmas guys! Hope Santa brings everything you've wished for. Not sure if I'll be able to log in over Christmas or not.