Friday, 18 December 2009

Modnation Racers Public Beta Codes!

Thanks to all the fans who have registered for a chance to win an Online Beta Voucher Code! Randomly selected registrants will be emailed their voucher codes on December 17th*.

The Online Beta begins December 18, 2009 and runs through January 10, 2010. (If you registered before 12/3/2009 you are automatically in!) See below for other ways you can get on the Online Beta!

*NORTH AMERICAN BETA ONLY. Participation in the Beta is only available to North American PSN account holders. No Purchase Necessary. Void Where Prohibited. Must be 13 years+ to enter.

Be one of the lucky few to get an early test-drive of ModNation Racers for the PS3™ system. How can you score an Online Beta Voucher?

- Check out the PlayStation.Blog on December 18th for an announcement!

- Visit the PlayStation®Home Movie Theater on December 18th to see a special offer!

- Vouchers included in specially
marked copies of LittleBigPlanet™: Game of the Year Edition

- Be a current Qore subscriber or subscribe on
or before December 15th and get a Voucher!



  1. 1.8Gb download and being sucked to my PS3 under my USA account as i type. will have to see if it works on my UK account once i get back from work.

    got a free theme code too.

  2. mss my playstation3 =(......had a hankering for some Unharted2....alas all I can do is stare at te disk

  3. @john

    mine 'died' on me last night as I was about to start my second lap on GT5 TT.

    phoned Sony and they told me to leave it to 'cool down' before going through some 'beep, beep, be-beep' business tonight.

    I hope it's alright. Will probably be too late to get a replacement now before Christmas!! Fingers crossed it works when I try tonight.

  4. oh noes - 2 threespeechers without PS3s! Sorry to hear that guys.

    I didn't get a beta code for this (can't remember if I signed up but probably did - I sign up for most of 'em!). Never mind though I did get a planet minigolf beta code after all (ahem, what a steaming pile of turd that is!).

  5. @pablo


    if you ever need help doing a DIY on it just say so and ill pop yu all reference material...sadly it only seemed to delaythe inevitable for about 6 weeks...but it may be something!

  6. @js

    cheers bud. I have to try it again tonight. listen out for 3 beeps, then 2 beeps and a double beep, then plug the dual shock in via usb and press the home button.

    It doesn't look good though! Still, will see if I can charm them into sending me a Slim if it breaks completely.

  7. good luck with your ps3 fixing guys.

    a sad time for gaming *puts on black armband*