Sunday, 20 December 2009

Enhance Sunday

[mobiletone] is bored and fed up of the snow already *hugs his kittin tighter*
to the people who aren't reprographics monkeys, our jobs really are this sexy
*ahemcoffcoffspluttercoff* yeah :)


  1. As someone, who in the past has worked on these types of algorithimingers.

    Does make me giggle!

  2. Awesome. It's often makes me cringe to watch these scenes in Hollywood movies / US TV shows. Also when there's other computing stuff on where impossible technology is on display. I think it was Prison Break where they had a machine that could suck the data from any computer, even when the computer in question was not powered on and the device was not physically connected to it.

  3. Wasn't that the "mobile phone" that was reprogrammed to nab all electronic data within 30feet and INSTANTLY! have it downloaded to a remote teremnal miles away?

  4. @ Sketch - you can probably get an iPhone app that does that these days :)

  5. my other pet gripe is when people are 'playing' video games in film/tv programs and just sit there randomly mashing buttons.

    exception to this is Shaun of the Dead.

    no Ed, no biting!! -haha-