Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Helper Kittin Iz Helpings

Thank you for writing us in regards to your audio issue with Borderlands [5.1 output over optical] on the PS3 platform and for providing the workaround steps! We are aware of the issue and have good news - a fix has been discovered for the problem and is pending deployment in future update! [SCEE QA no doubt!]

Gearbox Software Support

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  1. Sadly Helper Cat Died earier today as he was run over by monorail cat at a crossing.

    Sources at the scene claim that ceiling kitty jumped out of nowhere and stole muh bucket causing the events unfolding.

  2. I heard that too, it was PR cat who told me

  3. Shame medical helicopter cat wasn't there sooner, I heard he was at the book signing of Bagpuss's new auto-biography.

  4. Pixelcat Pooper... aw screw it can't cat-ify what I was going to say. PixelJunk Shooter is coming next Thursday. Thank goodness SCEE get their act together for this one and don't introduce any delays! Looking forward to it.

  5. 'Tone - there's some hot news about GT5 on the Eww blog, just posted. I would post an article about that here but I'm not as big a fan of the game as you are - so I wouldn't be able to do it justice! Take a look.

  6. Reakt...tut tut tut

    Not being able to Cat-ify your post?....tut tut tut...walrus iz stealing teh bucket...

  7. @ reakt - happy cat has run out of happy :(

    i for one rilly rilly couldn't give a right nut over what is in essence just one of those damn silly driving license tests from Gran Turismo. if there's one thing that rubs me up the wrong way in an otherwise near perfect driving game it's them. i usually just scrape them enough to get the pass needed to race on the tracks i want and never go back to them.

    infact, in GT:PSP there is no point at all in doing them as all the tracks/cars are unlocked anyway. urgh!

    it would be like if you had to watch a 3hr tutorial video on gun safety and map reading before being allowed to play MW2. the fans wouldn't put up with it one bit.

  8. But I thought you were the shit at GT. You only have to make it into the top leet 20 and then you a chance to race in a real racing car at a real motor racing event.

    "The three fastest drivers from each country travel to Silverstone, the home of British motor racing, to take part in the GT Academy - a real-life driving competition on the track itself. Competitors will not only have to prove their driving skills in a Nissan GT-R but will also be tested for their mental and physical skills in a series of tests."

    OK, it's probably extremely difficult to make it to that stage - but worth a shot?

    The analogy to MW2 would be more like having a contest to find the most elite MW2 players and then sending the three best ones from each country out to Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban.

  9. ah, i may [heart] the GT series and given enought time and patience could probably jam a good time, but those driving test challenges expect you to drive like a robot with little to no room for persomal flair.

    iz not a robotz!

    you'll also find the best times in those kind of events also come from people with the driving rigs, like the GT wheel/pedals combo. i know it's not cheating but it should be acknowledged if they used a pad or a driving rig as it makes all the difference.

    plus i don't think my recently broken/recoving wrist and elbow would be allowed to drive a real racing car :)

    no biggy though as i used to live near a circuit and early in the summer mornings would take my motorbike down there and get a couple of free hours on the track, it's not what you know...

    despite my moaning (rough week) i will probably download it anyway just to have a look. :)