Monday, 14 December 2009

GT5 Demo Bruummmmmmm

Someone's managed to get their hands on the time trail demo before Thursday. Here's what to expect...



  1. It's like driving a car....but REAL!!!

  2. this track looks like a real bitch to drive.
    especially in a 370Z... urgh. horrible horrible cars.

    think i'll stick to playing GT:PSP until we get a 'proper' demo of GT5 out.

  3. Personally, I think this looks ace.

    Seems to be a lot more 'movement' in the cockpit view and a greater sense of speed than we have come to expect from the GT series.

    I like how the car kinda rolls from left to right whenever the driver goes over the kerb (or whatever the technical term is for the red and white bits on the apex/runoff.

    @Tone. Am getting a psp today for uber cheap, may take GT:PSP as my free game.

  4. Get practising everyone I want to see Unofficial Threespeech represented at the championships / tournament thingamybob.

  5. No damage model in the demo apparently.

    But I may contact PD with my brilliant idea to stop the idiots turning GT5 online into Burnout:

    Link everyone's GT5 profile to the credit/debit card on their PSN and charge for every non-accidental ramming incident!!! Or make them pay for the car repairs. Fcuking idiots have runied many a game of GRID with their antics.

  6. @ reakt - OK, i'll do it for the team! :)

    @ pablo - that's why i stopped playing GRiD online, they sort of figured out a new anti-numpty system in DiRT2 though which improves online no end. 1 strike your name gets a flag next to it, 2 strikes you're out of the race, plus anyone driving the wrong way, parking on the track etc gets auto-ghosted.

    also, get a composite a/v lead so you can jack the PSP into a hdtv.

  7. sorry, component separate red/green/blue lead... it's been a long day :D

  8. *has been secretly practicing with his 370z GT on the Daytona street layout on S2 tyres, Professional physix and no assists in GT5:Pro*

    because i suspect that is the spec from what i see in that video. be interesting to see what quick tune options, if any, they allow.

    anyone caught using 'driving line' will be forced to wear a dress and be called Mable for the coming months :)

    infact, i think, if racing is srs biznis it should be locked to in-car view too.

  9. FYI - the GT:A download is 250megs. that 370z is a right bastard to drive without a notch of traction control and ABS, you only need to stick them on 1 to make a world of difference in the handling. i dropped the ride hight, stiffened the springs and adjusted the camber too and am getting around the Detroit street layout now in sub 2:00 TT times. i chose that track as it seems like it has similar qualities to teh GT:A circuit, banked turn and tight technical stchuffs. i guess we'll all know what we have to do soon enough.

    my money is still on some greasy johnny foreigner type with a full driving rig winning it again.

  10. GO GO Tone! Do it for the team! Can't we try and blag a driving rig for you or something? Let's get logitech to sponsor you! Alternatively it's £56 buy it now on ebay - is there any room left on your Christmas list or have you sent it to Santa already?!?!

  11. it's pants and sock all round this year :D

    *goes to download Academy*