Thursday, 3 December 2009

In The Na'vi You Can...

ah fuck it, i was going to write a full feature about James Camerons Avatar here seeing as JC himself has emphasised the closeness between his CGI 3D wankfest of a film and the accompanying game, pinpointing the sharing of computer-generated assets and the game's role in fleshing out Avatar's back-story.

This raised hopes that Avatar (the game) could strike a blow against the poor esteem in which games-of-films are held. The reality, although not without merit, is ultimately faintly disappointing. Like having Ant'n'Dec come over and wanting to play nothing but Ninty DS games instead of shooting the faces off zombies with your Lv43 SMG in Borderlands.

so here's Yahtzee with his take on Modern Warfare 2 for you all.


  1. Was actually silenty hoping the game would be good =(

  2. tone you got your cat in that one, well done!

  3. @ John - you and me both :( the controls are borked and it's not as pretty as you'd think. now posting a gameplay video up.