Sunday, 30 May 2010


What do you get if you cross Little Big Planet's Sack Boy, Resistance Fall of Man and a Sentinal from The Matrix? 9.

In 9's future world, rendered in sepia tones with many dark spaces which lies in ruins after a war between mankind and machines is '9' and this film is his story, it's not a 21st century post-apocalypse but instead an early 20th century ruins. No computer or nuclear weaponry is involved. Rather the imaginative machinery derives from Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" by way of Baron Munchausen and Fritz Lang.

Its heroes are what Acker calls "stitchpunk" creations -- 8-inch puppets sewn together by a divine creator, in this case, the human inventor of the evil Great Machine -- that carry possessions within zippered bodies and have been endowed with a "soul" by their now-dead creator.

These creatures, with only numbers for names (Slipknot?), must battle mechanical monsters in the ruins of a vaguely European city, a vast junkyard from which they scavenge useful debris.

Looks stunning in FullHD. So i give you the full original 10minute short to enjoy.

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  1. 9 looks like morph with specs! Great animation - I'll keep my eye on this one.

  2. was the first thing i watched when i got the 40Gb up and running. next on my list is the new Alice in Wonderland my ickle sis says it's great and mr depp is a total mental in it.