Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Being the resident petrol head i felt it my duty to download the Split/Second demo off the PSN Store today, what's up with the update being on a Wed's anyways? Anyhoo, i didn't go into this with any expectations, all i knew was it's a car game with power-ups and expolding scenary, the controls are easy, triggers to accelerate and brake, X for stage one attacks and O for stage two scene bending explosions, that's it!

I got past the intro screens and was dumped onto the track, the first thing was how slow it felt and how heavy the cars were, but i had been playing Gran Turismo this afternoon so that may have distrorted it, so on a second game things were noticably better, the cars felt quicker but still well planted on the track and i'd sussed out how to do power drifts around the tighter bends, it's not quite up to Ridge Racer standards but they do feel damn good to pull off. and the racing gets faster as you progress through the laps, which considering the track is a debris field by then gets the pulse racing.

The car designs are pure Burnout inspired and the graphics are very pretty, provided you take your eyes off the track to have a look. The tracks look like they'll have the expected shortcuts though they provide these on a risk/reward basis as the ones on the airport track are rigged with car destroying explosives so if you have someone closing in fast with a power bar lit it may not be the best option to cut the line. But having 'Triple Wreck' flash up on the screen and a slow-mo shot of the guys in front of you turning into a twisted mess is lol worthy, should be a blast in multiplayer.

On one race i was in the lead and blasting down the runway on the final lap when someone behind me triggered a stage two and i was suddenly faced with a crashing cargo plane heading straight for me, luckly i swerved around it, only just missing it as it slammed into the tarmac, and i pulled out a 185yd power slide round into some hangers, activated a shortcut and blew home to victory.

[mobiletone] high off 98% octaine and burning tyre fumes.


  1. anyone fancy beating my best time? brrrm brrrm!

  2. looks good.

    I'll have a bash at this when I'm back from Cornwall week after next.

  3. 4:05:57 with photo proof :D c'mon!

  4. Me likey. Fast cars + explosions = fun.

    Does remind me of Burnout (unsurprisingly) with it's "holy crap, that was a close one" feel. I might even go as far to put it on my 'to buy' list, which since I started working at a rental place has shrunk to almost nothing...

    On a side note, I picked up Burnout (1) for my Gamecube the other day... and it hasn't aged well. Might have to hunt down Point of Impact and see if that's holding up better.

  5. it's definitly more tactical than Burnout