Friday, 28 May 2010

Game Over Man, GameOver



just dismantled it and got my RedDeadReddemption disc out of it.
it didn't shut down right last night, turned on this evening and it's borked. attempt to power up makes a couple of clicking sounds, then flashing red light.



  1. sorry to hear that 'Tone. Hope you can fix it mate.

  2. system failure


    best it does is attempt to power up, the fan spins for a second or so then bleep flash flash flash. stripped the whole thing down, cleaned and checked everything looks fine. ran it without the BR drive and again without HD still the same results.

    i think something fucked with the system software as it shut down last night personally. did the usual turn off console and it went to the normal screen, are you sure etc. yes, then the loading icon stayed in the corner for ages and there was nothing else on screen, it eventually turned off.

    but never turned back on again.

    RIP little console.

    lost all my recent RDR gaming but all other saves are backed up onto SD card, also did a full system back-up about 3 weeks back too.

    sucks balls. i had next week booked off work too and had some ofilms renteed out for the weekend.

    oh well....................................

  3. Exactly what mine did 2 weeks ago - I feel your pain. How old is/was she? Mine was 3 years old this month, which I guess is quite a good run for the old 60GBs.

    I didn't really get a chance to have a mess around with it as I was flying back to the UK that week, but the small bit of googling I did made me suspect it might be a power supply issue. I gather they're quite cheap on ebay, so that might be worth a shot.

  4. @ Stefio - day one 60GB, poor old thing, i did notice it ran hot the last couple of times i used it too, and on inspection the bottom of the BR drive had small scorch marks, not good.

    went out on a mission this morning and found a 40Gb model ex-trade for 140 beer tokens, which included a new dualshock and hdmi lead, so i guess that's 100 for the console really. got 3 months cover with it too, bargain. :)

    i did think about getting a slim, but money is tight. just now hammered the 250Gb HD into it and updated the firmware etc. syncing the trophies and then it's reinstall the back-up i have.

    all going well.

    will have a bit more of an investigation of the 60Gb at a later time, have stuck the 40Gb drive into it in the hope it may force a reformat/update worth a try anyways.

  5. one thing i have noticed, that 40Gb is a damn sight quieter than the 60Gb ever was.

    Restoring Back-up........

  6. Glad you're back on your feet mate.

    Still have my old 40gb sat in the corner. With a bit of surgery I did get it working again so may stick it on ebay.

    My 40gb is/was actually quieter than my slim. Don't think I ever heard the fan kick in to be honest.

  7. Bad news Tone...
    My mate's 60GB YLOD'd last week, said he's got a disc still stuck in it too.
    Really starting to get paranoid about my phatty, it really makes a bit of a racket on hot days, I'm positive it's gonna kark it this summer.
    I've got a 500GB HDD in there & CEX are offering £210 so I might have to bite the bullet I think.

  8. @ divine - it's pretty easy to get at the disc if you don't mind a bit of a dismantle, only thing is you need a thin torx driver to get the main console cover off, or a big screwdriver and a careful prise job to snap the fixing. :\

    the way 60Gbs are dropping like flies it may be better to offload it now while it's still running.

    the 40Gb (upgraded to 250Gb) is up and running nicely now and is soo much cooler too, just have to redownload all my Store contents which is gonna take a while i guess. not sure what to do about loss of BC though, may buy myself a little slim PS2 at some point.

    jeeez all those game installs and patchs too! *shudders thinking about it*

  9. tone! - that clicking noise is the blu-ray drive needing to be reset!

    Because the disk was trapped you need to "rejig" the slot in-out slider mechanism: clicking noise!

    Fully opening up the drive you should see the two slider arms that "arc" on either side of the drive slot, you'll likely notice that they don't quite move all the way now - if you pop a look at this video you can see exactly what i mean:

    Same thing happened to mine - was the reason I was never able to pop back my PS3 to sony, as I had my Uncharted2 disk stuck in the PS3 upon the YLOD and had readup on the horror stories of folk not getting their copies back!

  10. cheers John *goes to get hammer and chisel*

  11. it's jammed up like a mo'fo in there

  12. mother board or power pack it seems.
    hit on, fan powers, green to yellow to red flashing.
    small tick noise from power pack and under card reader.

    at least the BR is all freed up now.

    ps: June 10th - 3D patches for WipeOut3(D) and Pain on teh Store for nada.