Wednesday, 19 May 2010

PS3 Games Better Than 360 Games, Official

I mean, just look at the percentage of dross games on the Xbox compared to the Glorious PS3 for a start. Also if one was to look at console sales figures since Nov 09 you'd find the PS3 outselling the other console every single week since then. Dare i say win?

[mobiletone] really enjoying playing REZ on his dreamcast and HDTV


  1. playing a game called too! :D

    17. We all have things that interest us; art, sports, music, family, faith, the environment. What are you passionate about?(You can write as much or as little as you like. This information will be shared with your matches.)

    For most men, playing video games in moderation is a fun, exciting, and can even become a stress relieving experience. Here are a few of the reasons I love playing games:
    Friends - video games have probably become one of the more socially active hobbies you can have these days.
    It’s an escape from (most) people - men seem to need more “Duh” time than women. It’s nothing personal (unless it is), but sometimes guys just have to sit down and do something mind numbing to unwind from our day.
    We really like grenade launchers - Like a lot. You’ll nary find a male who isn’t instantly enthralled by the thought of the possession of a launcher.

    i'm gonna have to be beating them all off with a shitty stick anyday soon -muhaha-

  2. Win indeed. It may have taken Sony a while to hit their stride with PS3, and they still make some really stupid moves every now and then, but I can't help but feel a little smug for going with the big black beast back in '07. In previous generations I always felt I had to get all the main consoles or I'd be missing out, but not once have I been disappointed with PS3.

    Also, Rez - quality. Bet it doesn't look quite so sharp these days though. How've you got the DC hooked up?

    Also also - grenade launchers rule.

  3. Rez is still pretty cool, i think the vector graphics style means it's dated really well. I have it hooked up with a spanky official rgb scart cable running at 60hz, it seems to know to go full widescreen too. Never found anyone selling the VGA cable that didn't charge obscene money for it though.

    i think i may have been tooooo honest on eHarmony ;P

  4. Apparently Rez HD (which is already on XBL) will be coming to PS3 sometime in the future.

    One of my fave games of all time!!!

  5. always fancied a go on Rez, so I'm a watchin'