Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Borderlands + Chibi Fan Art = Win

"I'm the happiest Siren in the whole wide world!" ~^_^~ -  Zephos

At the request of Apocalust, and also because I really wanted to draw it anyway and just needed a good excuse to, here's my take on Borderlands! Unlike the actual game which is more of an orgy of violence, dismemberment and decapitation, my version is a bit... well... happy, but that's just how I see my Siren's personality. In my mind, she can indeed bake a wonderful cake and doesn't like long walks very much but is a generally happy person who just happens to have horrible luck. ^_^

Thank you for all of your patience, I wanted to invest as much time in drawing it as I did playing the game which in retrospect was probably a obscene amount, and it turned out even better than I expected!

Hope fans of the Borderlands enjoy! ~^_^~ 


  1. I'de so marry you on the basis of this alone