Friday, 21 May 2010

Red Dead bug fills horses with helium

I laughed till I cried!



  1. takes me back to my days playing Fallout3 where you'd shoot a Deathclaw and whooooh, it would float off into space or something.

    gonna have to put off playing this tomorrow as i'm off to a BBQ, should be a good laugh, taking some of my special drink along. 20% proof chilli ginger beer :D

  2. Chilli Ginger Beer? I've got heartburn thinking about it.

    I've put an hour or so of Red Dead in last night and the way the horses move (well turn in a circle) and *everyone* uses the "paths" like its a bloody motorway is just wrong.

    Think they would of sorted out the feel of the horses in a western game?

  3. I've had a couple of hours on RDR and love it.

    @Mr Monkey - I like the paths, you can go into the rough or plough thru people, much like running lights or smashing through GTA routes at speed, only less frustrating. I took a mission from a distraught lady, then promptly stomped her to death by accident - big fail :)

    @Tone - that does indeed sound like the most evil brew ever - can we have instructions?

  4. i think the horses move alright, bit of a handfull in a tight turn though :) took me a bit to get used to making them go fast too.

    got stuck in on Sunday playing it, a slow start but having mucho fun now. if you go to the merchants in Thieves Landing you can buy a bandana for those times you feel like getting up to deviant activity.

    i also stomped a women to death with my horse, she came out from some bushes near a turn screaming halp halp, i pulled up and went to dismount and hit the jump button instead... poor woman! still looted the body though. Also got my 'Dastardly' trophy too for leaving tied up women on train tracks :) accidentally killed my horse too during that mind :(

    brew:- 1Ltr of firey ginger beer, 3/4Ltr decent vodka, 250ml can of redbull, 3 desert spoons of habanero green chilli sauce. nomnom ;) it doesn't give you hangovers.

  5. holy moly that is one scary drink

  6. @MrJimmy It was 5 or so horses coming out of town at the same time, thought it was a glitch but realise now it was a posse! More used to riding now.

    Sounds like it will put hairs on your chest!
    Forget eHarmony, give a girl a swig of that.

  7. the drink went really well with cremated bbq meat :D

    are you guys linked to the rockstar social club?

  8. @Jimmy nice find! I'm liking the look of this game more and more!

    @tone - "it doesn't give you hangovers". After a session drinking that fiery concoction, I think a hangover would be the least of my worries the next morning, when I'm shitting through the eye of a needle!