Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tenuous Link Sunday

so, i was playing F.E.A.R.2 last night, you were right Sketch it is teh awesomes! and there's guns in it, and guys in all riot gear and stuff trying to kill me, and i'm pretty sure there was a ginger too somewhere, just like this disturbing yet totally incredable video from M.I.A, she's the bint that did 'Paper Planes' in GTAIV on Radio Vostock.and here is the full 10+ minute version of Born Free, probably best not to watch it if you are a ginger :)

M.I.A, Born Free from Vimeo.


  1. Methinks that folk nowadays are geting soft...seriously seriously soft.

    Nanny state ftw -___-

    The whole "ginger" thing - i like to take the micky out of gingers same as everyone else..but DAMNED am I confident that ginger girls are the hottest thing.

    Me likey a nice red-head.

    Yet the tabloids/news outlets go into a flamewar when someone makes a video where "gingers" are persecuted?!?!?!!?!?

    Lot of faff bout nothing - if they want ginger persecution tell them to watch South Park!, that's 22minutes of cartman hating gingers and rallying the world against them....don't see anyone complaining bout that!.

  2. As much as I like playing "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin", that suffered from a very poorly scheduled release two weeks before “Killzone 2”, may I throw two names into the flame-haired beauty war list?

    Karen Gillan (Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond, the new assistant in "Doctor Who")
    Geraldine "Geri" Halliwell (the most famous [Spice-y] 'Ginger' although she is as mad as a box of frogs)

    Then again, there is always the following to counter-balance the argument...

    Alyson Hannigan (Michelle Flaherty in the "American Pie" movies)
    Marcia Cross (Bree Van de Kamp in "Desperate Housewives")

    And one from the "I'm not sure" list...

    Lindsay Lohan



    PS. The third title in Alma Wade’s history, “F.3.A.R”, is due later this year with none other than John Carpenter assisting with the game’s cinematic elements!

  3. really enjoying FEAR2, a survival horror game where i can move AND shoot at the same time and doesn't have deliberately borked controls to simulate 'the lack of control your character has over his situation in game.'

    just got past the level (7 i think) where you take 'mr stompy' the mech for a wander while turning the enemy into mince meat. the hospital was sick monkey stuff. love the way the game just fucks with your head.

    yeah, being released just before KZ2 was probably not the best move.

    and finally, gingers, they have no souls :) except the femmes, onnomnomnom. Lily Cole !

  4. I didn't think that I liked Ginger birds. Then I saw new Dr Who's new assistant and damn, she gives me woodrow. yes FP I saw she was on your list too - but I'm not sure I'd have Geri Halliwell on there as well. Nicole Kidman maybe.

    Anyway, Controversial video - read about it as it's banned from British TV apparently. I think that M.I.A (or more likely her record label) want to try to recreate the notoriety of Lady Gaga / Beyonce Telephone - also banned from TV (coincidentally for a similar theme of murder); but watched more times on YouTube than any other music video since god-knows-when and likely helped the single do well.

  5. Amy Pond - almost hot enough that I'd forgive them for making the new Daleks look like oversized dog chew toys. Almost.

    I can kind of understand them banning this video (not that I think they should), but seriously - they banned the Telephone vid over there? I'd forgotten quite how much politcally correct BS people in the UK have to deal with. It's shown here all the time and no one bats an eyelid...