Monday, 10 May 2010

Blinkbox movie streaming comes to PS3

Users will be able to choose from a library of more than 6,000 films and television programmes, including The Hangover, Gossip Girl and 30 Rock. TV shows can be rented for as little as 39p, while movie rentals start from 99p. Users can also buy episodes of their favourite series from 89p, and films from £2.99, and there is also some free content available through the site.
Content is streamed to the PlayStation 3 through an optimised version of the Blinkbox website, which makes it easier to navigate menus and find films and television shows using a PlayStation 3 controller.

“The PlayStation 3 is the first of a number of devices to which we will be bringing Blinkbox," said Michael Cornish, the company's chief executive. "We want to enable customers to use our service on their TVs for instant streaming of new blockbuster movies, available on the same day as their release on DVD, as well as a growing library of free ad-supported titles.
"Gamers want access to the very largest selection of movies for instant viewing, and do not want to lose valuable hard-drive space or have to wait for their downloads."


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  1. been watching the free episodes of Saxondale, quality on the 2meg setting is on par with what i get from my V-Box and the 1meg setting is not that much of a downgrade in image quality if a touch fuzzier. Not had any lag or buffering issues yet either.