Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gunslingers Rejoice

quick one - next Friday is the release day for Red Dead Redemption, I've got my pre order in (I went with Play for the Limited Edition) and must say this is a big release for me.

Rockstar are, for me, one of the most consistent studios/publishers. I can't think of a Rockstar title which wasn't a labour of love, something I insist on for pretty much any game I fire up. I've little doubt I'll be walking like a gunslinger for a few weeks, I might even take to spittin' and drinking hard liquor.

Have a look at the Rockstar Games Wiki page for a mind bending list of studios and releases - played and aced many of them, may well go back and ace a few more.



  1. Unfortunately for me it's exam season so I shall be passing on this until august or so, defo excited though, was considering purchasing the gta4 add on packs but having sold my copy of gta4 i can't just dl them can I?


  2. Nice! Let us know what you think of it when it arrives.

  3. @ Mittens - i got the stand alone pack, worked out cheaper then downloading them. Finished The Lost and Damned, great story, very dark and ties in nicely to the main GTAIV story. Can't wait to see what happens in Gay Tony.

    @ Jimmy - next weekend is all about the cowboys for me too. yeeehaaaaaa!

  4. sweet Tone - saturday morning I'll be online if you want a rootin' tootin' multiplayer showdown! For lurkers who haven't guessed - PSN is MrJimmy feel free to add

  5. @ Jimmy - i'll keep an eye out for you. amazon have said they'll send my pre-order codes on friday, even though i cancelled my order with them to pick the game up from my local shop a week ago, £20 of rental vouchers off BlockBuster! so i hope amazon mess up again and give me the codes. :)

    Also what's with the Split/Second DLC doing on the Store before the game is out. damn unlock everything packs. It's them that spoilt Dirt2 for me, i grafted and raced and earnt my rides on and offline over many hours of gaming to get the l33t cars, only for a pack to come out and every scrote and his mum gets them! grr grrrrr grrrr.