Wednesday, 17 November 2010

10 month old developed RLOD - why me?

In February I posted my sad YLOD story, not that I was alone - most of you have/had original PS3s which boiled themselves to death this way...

My PS3 slim has over the last week, bugged out with a flashing red light on (literally) cold boot, I think the turn in the weather causes this. Press again to switch off, press again and it comes good - every time at the start of a session, i.e. when the PS3 is cold.

I've had a quick Google and it's mostly idiot forum posts I'm finding - any of you lot more experienced with this? Off to look for the receipt...

***Also - are you regulars cool to have your portable IDs addded at the bottom? Just say and I'll add them, it'll be cool to see you all there.***


  1. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo a week before GT5, this is exactly what i'm dreading happening.

    hope you can find that receipt!!

  2. Touch wood my fattie is still OK. Hope you get it replaced under the warranty.

  3. Sounds similar to what my old 60GB did, except that it never came good. From what I read online it sounded likely to be a power supply issue, but I've not got round to trying to fix it yet. Having said all that I don't know if the slims will show errors the same way - ie. if the flashing red light means the same on a slim as a fatty.

    Only 10 months old though... I'd be a bit unhappy about that. Here's hoping you get it sorted.

    Oh, and feel free to put my ID up for the world to laugh at, although I don't know if you'd class me as a regular... I'm more of a lurker - often here but rarely seen.

  4. @El Stefio - cheers - you indeed meet 'regular' qualifications, we don't stand on ceremony here!

  5. Having read your YLOD tale I think I better do a back-up. My 60 sounds like an asthmatic smoker who just finished a triathlon at the best of times, every time I turn it on I fear is its last and I would hate to have to re-download the 78 games on my HD again..

    A woman at work offered me a YLOD 40g for a tenner, I'd planned on trying to do the homefix and trying a quick trade-in but I'm not so sure now.. Do you think its worth a try??

    Is your slim not under warranty still? maybe get a free service before it runs out

  6. @ marv

    For a tenner I'd happily take it as a paperweight. Worth a punt surely...?

    @ MrJimmy

    You'll want some BB code off me or something then?