Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Week Long Wait Ahead For GT5

SO, what are you into apart from gaming? me, i like to ride trails and build bikes, infact i have this at the end of my road. pretty sweet hey, it cost a cool £50,000 to put togther and is national race spec'.. though it does take longer to heal these days when it all goes tits up, it's still fun to blast around.


  1. Nice! I used to skateboard back in the day was never good at BMXing. I have a fairly decent skateboard in my garage. I bought it just a few years ago when I thought I could still skate (after not doing so for 10 years). How wrong I was! Sprained my ankle and couldn't walk for a week - haven't been on it since. Kept the board in the garage in case my son wants it when he's older. Still into skateboarding but like to watch videos on YouTube now rather than actively taking part in it (safer!). Check this out. One of my favourites as I used to live near Copenhagen, and this short vid is as much about this great city as it is about skating.

  2. it was just over a year ago when i got t-boned by a car, broke my wrist and compressed my elbow, wrote the bike off too, bastard women drivers!

    i do like being able to build bikes for people to order, it's like a giant meccano kit really :)

    i got back into dicking around on bikes as i was ordered by the Doc to do some cardio-vascular exercise as it was probably the best thing to help with my COPD, and there was no way i was going to do swimming, the chlorine makes me want to puke something rotten. plus i dont look good in Speedos :D

    i also got roped into being a Sustrans Ranger too.