Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Xmas Is Coming, Pressie Idea?

This was one of the first Apple computers ever made!

In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built their first batch of 200 Apple-1 computers and sold them for $666.66 from their parents' garage.

And now it's going up on the auction block for $240,000.

Worth it??

Possibly. This machine was hand-carved and contained 8K of memory. It was the first fully pre-assembled computer, produced with a 1.0 MHz MOS 6502 processor and a cassette for read/write capability. (Imagine saving info on a cassette tape instead of a CD or a flash drive!) It would now be considered a "glorified calculator." It comes in its original packaging, complete with instruction manual and a letter signed by Jobs.

A quarter of a million dollars seems like a hefty price, but it is a symbol of technological history and shows just how far we've come in the past 34 years.

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  1. It's just a Commodore Vic20 with a fancy (at the time) paint job and detail (see here).

    Proof that from the very beginning Apple has just been churning out the same kit as other computer manufacturers only tarting it up and charging a lot more money for it!

    (Steve J if you're reading this I love you really!)

  2. I have boxes of ZX Spectrum cassettes kicking around here somewhere, it seems totally normal to me. Am I that old?


    happy days :D

    the first game i played on my own actually mine computer was a tape2tape copy of JetPac.

    Home Taping is Killing... Nothing! :P

    Old? naw, we're just experienced. *goes to have a nice cup of tea and a sit down with the paper*

  4. interesting mobiletone factette:

    In the early/mid eighties mr tone used to hang out in the physics lab at scumbag comprehensive and read punch tape computer read-out by eye.


    this is punch tape. i was always a bit 'special' as a kid.

  5. I have used punch tape but I couldn't read it by eye...

    In fact back then, we had a school open day, and I wrote on the label for that machine 'the marvellous mechanical mouse organ'. I soon got called into the office, kakking my pants, they asked me to snitch on the perpetrator - I win!!

  6. those old computers could have been built by Wallace and Grommit, fantastic machines.