Monday, 22 November 2010

My Pimp-Boy 3Billion

Roaming the wasteland in style with my gold and diamond encrusted personal PDA.
Now at the 95hr mark and off to look for a secret bunker and have words with Legion.
I have got my missing Platinum Chip back finally, Benny you f@#k!
Robot dog and trusty sidekick wench Cass doing well despite them spazzing out and
getting stuck in The King's several hours back. Used Inventory trick and they unfroze.
2500XP off level 30...


  1. *fanfare*

    Hit Lv30 and MAX XP and 100hrs of gaming.

    my plan is coming together nicely.

  2. You getting plenty of fallout in before tomorrow then mate?

  3. @ pablo - it arrived today *chuffed* [install]