Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New Video Account Now Running

Maybe i can stop driving my classic HotWheels cars around my desk soon..


  1. me want my copy too. Actually been playing hotwheels with my girl last week, she's got a 'swamp beast' track, great fun!

  2. http://www3.webng.com/hotwheelsbr/2007_Fotos_AS/136-3.jpg

    my favorite, the army green Duce roadster, i've got 5 classic ones that small people are not allowed to play with, but i am :D

    others are a black straight pipe roadster, green/chrome tail dragger, metallic red pontiac gto and a metallic blue '57 Chevy.

    me and the HotWheels brand are the same age. i wonder what kids have now that will still be around when they are old bastards like us :)

    i've got some really nice classic metal in my gt:psp garage ready to upload and swop, apparently you don't dump the whole garage over but only the 100 i've tagged as favorites, wonder if i can move them all in shifts. probably got 180 cars from what i remember, will have to have a sort out.