Thursday, 11 November 2010

CodBlops - very early impressions

I've literally only played 3 matches (in Combat Training), but thought I'd give some very early impressions on Call of Duty Black Ops. Will update the post (probably tonight) after a few more games.

First up, Combat Training is an excellent addition and should be right up Tone's street. The few matches I've played have been on Hardened difficulty (3rd out of 4 difficulties) and the bots put up a stern challenge - using killstreaks well, using grenades/stuns effectively to flush you out if you are camping etc...You can even earn XP and CoD Points (more in a minute) in combat training, so you never even have to venture online to see all the unlocks and progression that the game offers.

I love the fact that killstreak 'kills' don't count towards your next killstreak. So if you've got a mortar strike it's no use hiding in a corner hoping that you'll get enough kills for your chopper gunner; you're gonna have to, you know, go and kill people with your gun (what a novel idea!).

CoD Points are the ingame currency used to buy pretty much everything. You still earn XP which is used to unlock things like guns, the emblem designer, clan tags, match types, challenges etc... but CoD points are used to buy everything else. Want a silencer for your M16? You don't have to wait until level 14 or you complete a challenge, if you've got 2000 points spare it's yours to buy there and then.

It seems like a great system so far. Do you pay for a weapon attachment, a new perk, some equipment or set yourself an ingame challenge?

Speaking of perks, Stopping Power has been removed so your gun's damage stat is fixed. I only have access to the basic guns at the moment and I'm rocking a kinda stealthy close quarters setup with a sub machine gun. Ghost is my main perk (invisible to spy plane), with steady aim and summat else as my 3rd. Got the default launcher as my secondary so I can take down air support. Yeah, I'm a nice guy on the battlefield!

I'm not quite sure on all the options but think you may be able to play this mode in splitscreen and over a LAN. I've heard rumours that the AI in the main campaign is standard CoD fare, but the bot AI is really nice. You can even set your bot names to show people on your friend's list. Rab (MrMonkey) and Sketch took me out a few times yesterday!

Finally, a quick word on graphics and multiplayer maps. I've heard some people say this game is ugly. Well it's not by any stretch of the imagination. Nice particle effects and good textures - yes it's not a massive leap from MW2 but everything is clean and crisp which is just what's needed for spotting enemies fleeing into the distance. Only tried two maps, Array and Cracked, but they were both really solid (particularly enjoyed the snowy, destroyed comms facility in Array), lots of terrain variety, some nice hotspots but always more than one way to enter/exit an area.

I can feel the addiction growing again. [pablo]


  1. Also got Guwange on XBLA. Really feeling the love for the bullet hell shooter at the moment.

  2. "so you never even have to venture online to see all the unlocks and progression that the game offers"

    say it aint so, really! *small tear of joy*

    can you play all the multiplaer maps in 'combat training' are there any limitations to that mode so far? sounds spot on.

    *goes back to installing Modnation Racers*

  3. All the maps 'Tone

    Also at the title screen you can get out of the torture chair by looking down and pressing L2+R2, if you get up and wander over to the computer in the corner and play the hidden top down shooter by typing 'DOA' - its mint

  4. ahh, cheers marv, I wondered how you unlocked that. very sneaky.

    tone - yep mate, you can play all the maps, but I'm not sure if all the game modes are available. So far I've only got team deathmatch and free for all.

    you can also have separate profiles if you have a mate round for splitscreen - on ps3 you are limited to a sub-account, but on 360 you can log in with separate gamertag which is pretty nifty.

  5. nice, i have a couple of mates sub-accounts on my machine already, not for game sharing at all *coughs* so that should be OK.

  6. This is certainly a lot more balanced than MW2. Even with no map knowledge I'm still doing ok. Had one great game of donimation with people (gasp) actually going for the objective rather than camping for killstreaks.

    The Shooting Range map is an early highlight (complete with moving wooden targets to throw you off).

  7. also, wager match is hella fun.

    Had a go on 'gun game' last night. After every kill you advance to the next, more powerful weapon. Getting stabbed sends you back a (weapon) level. finished 4th, outside the money (you need to place 1-3 out of 6th) but was second for a good while.

    great game mode