Friday, 26 November 2010

GT5 early thoughts

Being Gran Turismo, there are, generally, absolutely no surprises. It looks/sounds exactly how it should look/sound, so thats the first point.

I must add though, that it feels way more fluid than prologue, whether driving a crappy little 600cc thing or a monster AMG Merc. It feels.. more.. fun :)

My GT Force steering wheel (bought with GT3 on PS2) is really good, much better than with prior iterations of the game, good work there. I don't think I need a new one at all, although wouldn't mind comparing. tone: the pedals are OK actually, especially the way I drive (flat out > skiiiiiiiiid > flat out). Fine with a Dual Shock too, but the wheel is more immersive and accurate.

It still suffers my pet hate: I currently need a pre '79 Jap car, a 60's car, a classic European car, in order to enter the last three competitions in the Beginner class - I hate looking for a purchase!! First you have to look at the prerequisites, then come back out, go into dealerships, pick a manufacturer, look at the options, no nothing there, pick another, go through four or five, forget the prereqs so go back to the competition, store in brain, come back, try the used cars etc. etc. why can't it just give me a suggested list of cars I can buy so I can clickety buy, or maybe hit triangle for buy best option?

I'm sure most of you will say this is part of the fun, well, great, for you - I can't be arsed!

Following the blue/red line makes the game too easy, switching it off makes it too hard, for me at least, being a mere mortal more into arcade games. I'll admit now, the line is mostly going to stay on for a good while yet! It's too wide and bright, spoils the look.

Also, it's really easy to win many races with an overpowered machine, both online and offline. I feel like a bit of a fraud, takes the fun out.

My score: no less that 9.5 out of 10, it's just incredible. Sterile and bizarre as ever, but huge, insanely well polished, perfect in every respect... except I just want it to help me with the sea of decisions a bit more, I'm no strategy game fan.


  1. nice round up jimmy-san.

    looking forward to hearing what tone has to say. Think E-Role has it too.

  2. i would do a write up but i can't stop from grinning and dribbling whenever i think about it :D

    i'll do it someday soon.

    i'll add that the import garage deal with the PSP is a bit of a task, i imported all 191 compatible cars and was then asked to pick 50 from that list, 50!. you can only race those cars in arcade mode too.

    driving line!? pfft :D

    i also love playing with my new wheel, like you say, it's just more immersive and you can make those tiny tiny adjustments to your line that i find more pleasing.

    i caved on the Euro classic and bought a Lotus Elan with 340,000 miles on the clock, got a trophy for that.

  3. ps: do real racing drivers have to put up with cats sitting on top of their dashboard?

  4. @ Jimmy - later on, when you have loads of motors, if you go to race entry requirements then click garage icon it will only show the cars you own that you can use in that race/series.

  5. I had exactly the same PSP transfer ordeal, it took me ages to work out they only appeared in Arade Mode.
    I completed the first few races with the Chromeline Lambo which came with the CE too, before realising I was defeating the object of the game.

  6. Anyone tried the PS Eye functionality in Arcade Mode yet?

  7. Nice one Jimmy - glad you're also enjoying it. Haven't bought it myself - might add it to my Christmas list. @Divine I was also interested in how the PS Eye functionality worked - read somewhere that it does head tracking or something.

  8. @ Divine - i haven't bothered cashing in my CE DLC, i'd rather earn my own cars to race, and the dynamic theme looks pants.

    the head tracking doesn't work with the old EyeToy.

    Won the Supercar Challenge with my tuned 731BHP Dodge Challenger SRT-8 last night, That warm fuzzy feeling i got as i blew past a Lambo Countache and Zonda was exquisite :D