Friday, 19 November 2010

What If You're Not Into GT5

Well, i have to say we have some sweet looking games out this week, what with Apache, the new Need For Speed and Assassins Creed Brotherhood it's looking like a good time to be into gaming. Personally i would snap Apache up in a shot as i have been waiting for a decent chopper game since Gunship 2000 on the Amiga from back in the day, damn, have i been waiting THAT long!? But funds are limited at the moment having forked out for the CE of Gran Turismo 5 and inconsiderate people having birthdays next week :) The Need For Speed demo a couple of weeks back really impressed me, felt like the original NFS off the 3DO, yes, i did have that console, worth every penny, *ahem* Not into the Creed games, i did buy the first one and though it did impress with the graphics i found it didn't really hold me for very long, decided not to bother with the other titles in the series but it does have it's followers.


  1. Remember Thunderhawk on the Amiga? That was an awesome game! It was also an apache sim - well, kinda - the helicopter was an AH-73M apparently (had to look that up). Anyway, based on an apache but modified to carry an unfeasibly-large stock of missiles making it more fun! Had that and just about every other game on the Amiga in a time when piracy was not the dirty word that it is today!

  2. I was playing Hot Pursuit 2 on the GC a few weeks back in preparation for the new one. That's what NFS should be - stupidly exotic cars going mental fast, not a freaking Golf with a body kit. And the Autolog system could be great, as long as there's a few peeps on the friend list that keep playing...

    Also, if I were you I'd use the release of Brotherhood as an excuse to find a copy of AC2 on the cheap - all the best bits of the first one expanded and refined to perfection. Seriously, unless you absolutely hated the first one, you owe it to yourself to see how much they improved the recipe. Just bought a new telly so can't afford the new one yet, but am leaving big neon signs around the house as hints for the wife, I can hold off a month or so.

    The last helicopter game I played was probably SWIV 3D - awesome game, and about as realistic as I'd like

  3. says my GT5 is officially on it's way. gonna cram in as many hours as humanly possible over the weekend on GT Portable to fatten up that garage.

  4. Wow, the last helicopter game that I played was probably Tiger Heli on the NES. As for the racing games, I really want GT5.

    El Stefio - I've been playing Hot Pursuit 2 lately also. I did want to get the new one, but the lack of local multiplayer has turned me off a little.

  5. @ Divine - just checked and i have a smidge under 200 cars in my GT:PSP garage, how can i possibly pick 30 favorites?? hopefully it'll let you transfer them all over. Aparently you can import your Prologue cars too. that's gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeet.

  6. Have to admit that the last helicopter game I actively played was choplifter. I'm still waiting for a more addictive 'copter game to appear!

    I will be buying Hot Pursuit in a few days. Would have been a day one purhase for me, except the missus decided to blow all our cash on Christmas presents - I really need to cut up her bank cards!

  7. Delivery 1 of 1
    Dispatching Soon

    * Gran Turismo 5: Collector's Edition (PS3)


  8. @ Mugglemind - you unchained her from the sink? ;)

  9. good news:

    Dispatched via Home Delivery Network Limited (estimated arrival date: November 23, 2010).

    bad news:
    i'm not at home tomorrow and it's HDNL delivering!
    i have had endless problems with those monkeys in the past.

    *expects GT5 via trip to depot on saturday* :(