Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Apparently, there is a new COD out today

Black Ops is out. I only know because I powered up for a sneaky Killzone 3 beta runaround (rather than another coffee to start my day) and 7 of my friendlist were on - aha, something is out today...

My next door neighbour is a teen who usually leaves for school around 8:45, it's 8:47 and guess what he's doing!

My Google Reader is reporting six hours of video on Facebook, loads of UK launch footage around Oxford St etc. - really? Do people still actually queue in weather like this when Play, Amazon etc. will get it to you for the morning post. Wait 6 hours you freaks!

Early reports are, it's another COD game. I've played one, it's very good. This one has to be reported at least 5% different before I'd consider loading it up, let alone a purchase.

*returns to KZ3*


  1. i actually left the house to go and find a copy of New Vegas CE in that real world thing on launch day. Had a good time wandering around the shops in the city wondering if everywhere had only preorders of it in stock still, but i got a copy and that makes it even more special. Also came back with FFXIII and Virtua Tennis.

    Black Ops has me interested due to it having bot matches back in so i don't have to deal with the online multiplayer side of things, but with GT5 coming out soon i'm watching the pennies.

  2. oh.. 5hr long single player story... i'll wait till it's in the cheap bin then.

  3. Everything was fine until you said 'GT5 coming out soon' then I knew you'd finally gone insane.

  4. gotta have faith in something.

    and talking of insane, you don't want to know what i'm building using an old imac g3...

  5. yeah bots are good, i understand black ops has split screen online multiplayer which is a nice feature. like u tone id prefer a bigger campaign mode to properly justify it.

  6. i still feel burned by Kane and Lynch 2s short story mode. i guess if like me you're used to putting 3 figures into a game 5/6hrs just won't cut it anymore.

    i might see if i can get CoD on a rental but i can't see them having any spare.

  7. This is winging its way to me today (though I may not get chance to play it until tomorrow). Looks like a very bombastic campaign, but I'm mainly getting it for the multiplayer and to try some co-op zombie mode.

    Sounds like Treyarch have made some welcome tweaks to killstreaks/weapons so can see myself playing this for many an hour. For all the faults levelled at the CoD series I still find it very compelling (at least in terms of mp).

    I wanted to finish the campaign in Reach before I got this, but I just haven't really connected with that game the way I thought I would in the first few days.

  8. The thing about this game is that it doesn't need to be that good and it will still sell by the bucketload by riding on all that hype that was around when Modern Warfare 2 hit the streets.

    The thing is though, Treyarch have done a great job on it. FP shooters aren't really my thing but the graphics and online multiplayer look awesome. Let's hope that Modern Warfare 3 is the last installment of the franchise though - surely it's time to quit when you hit title #7? (Take note Mr Tony Hawk).

    Somewhat related - I'm dying to know what Respawn Entertainment are working on (half of the devs are from Infinity Ward).

  9. From an fps addict: the bonus top down twin-stick Smash TV clone is brilliant and would easily sell as an arcade/psn title.

    Zombies is alot like it was in WAW but at least you get more maps on the disk and don't have to fork out for the DLC for more. Am yet to get to the presidential suite with Nixon, Kennedy, Castro etc

    Single player campaign has had some good moments, but tbf I'm not far enough into it to give too much of an opinion.. Jumping straight in on Veteran difficulty is probably not the best idea but at least it'll take me longer than 5 hours to get through!

    I'm really enjoying the multi-player so far, I've not ran into too many potty-mouth kids or Lindford Christie knife freaks, (my mw2 pet-hates) and the game feels alot more balanced than other COD games.
    The level design seems alot better than MWF2, most buildings or courtyards/clearings have numerous ways in and out, a much better use of verticality with runways, roofs and multi-story buildings.

    I like the use of COD points to unlock perks and equipment in the order you want, though I know a few people who prefer the old drip-feed unlock system (which still applies to weapons).

    Treyarch done good =)

    (though I'd trade it in for Killzone 3 tomorrow *looks jealously at beta players on his friendslist*)

  10. Nice wordage Marvzilla, cheers. The KZ3 beta is great fun for me, I really enjoyed MW2 and KZ2 - they are sooo very different though. Would get Black Ops if I had the time to spend on it, I don't!