Tuesday, 23 November 2010



  1. I await the definitive verdict!

    Prediction - 5 Hams out of 5

  2. Prediction - a week or so before 'tone srfaces for air!

  3. I think you may be right mate. I'm going to turn this place into a Forza fansite in the meantime.

  4. aww, back to work this morning, blagged yesterday off for a 'hospital appointment', well, driving around for hours was therapy :D

    GT5 is a nod to the games series titles of the past and a bronzed heavenly finger pointing towards the future of graphical whoreness.

    got sound set to 'small theatre' f'kin A! on my Sony 5.1 amp. The Logitech Driving Force wheel was definately a good investment, works a treat.

    Got a couple of motors up in the friends car sharing tab in GT Life, if you want to check them out.

  5. Can't believe it's actually out! Glad you're enjoying it Mr Tone.

  6. I have the game paused downstairs and should be teleworking upstairs, instead I'm doing this. It is very good, but scary deep - it's a destroyer of hours and no mistake..

    @pabloamigo - lmao!

  7. update whatever you want, so long as it's vaguely gaming related :D

    stuck in office, thinking about going for a drive... *sigh* GT5, it's been a long and painful birth but you made it.

    now care to explain the lack of wheel changing options for standard cars? that's the only thing bugging me about it so far. just can't think why they dropped such a basic feature.

    my 1st premium car (availible to blag on friends car share thingy) has new rims and is U3S Tuned. maybe that's it, they want us to stop living with the older car models and move into shiney googlepolygon rides. so that's fair bait to use i guess.