Saturday, 27 March 2010

The 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards

Claptrap steal... err, "accepts" an AIAS award. Why did he have to steal it you ask, well, seeing as there is NO justice in the world (of gaming) it seems that little robot and the rest of the crew won NOTHING. Seems the world likes some bloke called Drake and a cape wearing clown botherer more. For shame, for shame on all of you.The first ever award 13 years ago was won with GoldenEye 007 by RARE.

To uncelebrate the Y2K and Gearbox nonaward i went out yesterday and single handedly killed Crawmerax The Invincible on both playthrough one and two, i also burnt some midgets as a sacraficial offering to the game voting gods too. mmmm, crispy midget taste soo good with a slice of skagg meat.

Hopefully postie delivers my copy of Just Cause 2 today...


a couple of vid's from Panau. it's an interesting place


  1. f-king postie didn't even bother stopping on my street!!


    that's 4 packages i should have had turn up by today. made official complaint to PO about slackness at the local sorting depot.

  2. gone and rented JC2 out from Cockmusters, it's selling very well according to the buxom strumpet behind the till.

    cat promptly sits in front of tv screen.

  3. Easter Egg: The Island from 'Lost'

    In the northwest corner of the map is an island separated from the mainland by a fair stretch of water. If you fly over this island in any plane you'll automatically crash. On the island you can find numerous references to Lost, including plane wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815, familiar settings like the stream. You'll hear sounds of the Smoke Monster as you explore too. There's even a hatch to be found!

  4. sporting twin uzis and a bag of flashbangs, that the one?

    i got stuck on that island for 3hrs! death is the only way off that i've found so far. tis spooky though. that'll teach me for getting too close in my little chopper.