Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Just Cause 2 Video Capture Works


  1. Just Cause you can!

    Is this title still on your shopping list, 'tone? Or have you received a pre-order already?



  2. This was never on my radar until the demo was released. I hated the first game but after having played the new demo it's a deffo for me.

    any multiplayer options?

  3. i have the day off work on Friday (+ monday as i realised i had not cashed them all in before the end of this tax year) so this better turn up in the post then. i ordered from amazon and hope they remember to include the pre-order goodies code.

    other pre-orders:
    Episodes from Liberty City
    Red Dead Redemption
    Gran Turismo 5

    i'm also expecting a new LNB, 10mtrs of coax', various fixings and a signal finder on Friday too. stupid falling tree branch breaking the satallite dish.

  4. Speaking to, Johansson commented, "It would have been simple to just jump onto the multiplayer bandwagon, but in the end we decided on designing Just Cause 2 with the focus of delivering the best single-player free roaming experience.”

  5. @Tone - lucky git having a couple of days off for gaming. I also have a day's holiday on Monday that I had to use up. Just invested in a karcher pressure washer and patio cleaner so I'll be blasting the shit out of my patio on Monday (but would rather be playing games!)

  6. Also, your video capture has inspired me to download the demo for this little game.

  7. Also, your video capture has inspired me to go find myself a"cat"...and see if my "cat" wishes to directitself into the"poop tray".....yeah!

    "snigger snigger" <-- see what I did there ;)

  8. *sobs*

    postperson didn't deliver any stuff today!!

    hope it comes here tomorrow :(

    killed Crawmerax in Borderlands though, twice.

  9. @ reakt - i'm supposed to be fixing the Sat' dish (parts not arrived either!) and spraying a frame for my new work hack cycle too this weekend, so it's not all gaming fun.

    the demo is well worth downloading.

  10. Demo definitely was worth downloading - I thought it was great. GTA in the desert with the added twist of grappling hook, and parachute! I raised complete carnage at the pipeline! Haha

    Pressure washer arrived. Looks like something out of an action game! The "gun" and various "lance" attachments that you can get for it. A proper boys toy (and like a sucker I fell for it) but still looking forward to playing with it!