Friday, 12 March 2010

3D TV Prices, SRSLY!!??

Electronics giant Sony is expected to release its first commercially available 3DTVs in the UK market this June – but as is the case with all early adopters, those wishing to take the plunge early on face a hefty outlay.

Sony’s first 3D sets will include in the box two sets of active shutter specs and a 3D emitter. However, households where more than two people are expected to watch the TV at any one time face an additional fee of £90 per pair – at least, that’s a direct translation of the Japanese price.

In addition, sets not boasting an in-built emitter will need an external one, the price of which being £33.

This, of course, comes on top of the high price the first 3DTVs will retail for. Japanese launch prices for Sony’s LX900 translate to around £4,325 for the 60” model and £2,130 for the smaller 40” unit.

The entry level 40" HX800 set will see prices starting from £1,630( KDL-40HX800), though both an emitter and specs will have to be bought separately to watch 3D footage on these units.


  1. i think someone at Sony has been rocking the crack pipe again! That pricing announcement has just killed off 3D gaming for me dead. the bastards.

    going to use the money i had saved towards a new tv set to buy a 500Watt brushless motor now for another project i'm working on.

  2. Don' forget HDTV's were shittinglyhighly priced back in the you can purchase them off the back of a cement truck without question!

  3. "The entry level 40" HX800 set..."

    Regardless of price ruling out a purchase, the entry level box is physically too large for my front room.

    Stupidly high prices though, as you mentioned, especially if somebody is going to send a PlayStation Move controller through the screen.

    John is right... but it took over 2 years from launch for a (Sony) HD-TV to be in my budget & I doubt I'll be considering replacing that for at least another 10 years given the cost anyway.

    (No tethering of the new "Co-Motion" devices to your wrist considered as far as I have seen so far... and if I use my suggested brand name "Co-Motion" enough times it may catch on & I'll be a multi-millionaire [Rodney] so I can afford a 3D TV after all!)



  4. dibs on jumping on pages "co-motion" bandwagon!

  5. actually the prices are lower than I thought at the entry level, a good quality Sony LCD TV is about £900 for a 40", so you can imagine after six months the price coming down to a less ridiculous level.

    It wasn't long ago (mental) people spent the top end money on a top end 60" plasma, B&O and some Pioneers demand that money.

    So, yeah, crazy to get one early, but clear that 3D has the ability to become mainstream - something I wasn't so sure of before I saw this.

  6. @ sketch - i picked up my 32" TFT 1080p set with my digestives and catfood for £299, pretty good specs and totally dumps all over my old Goodmans 1080i set in terms of image quality that cost a load more only a couple of years earlier.

    i just want teh foochar nows! :)

    @ Jimmy - yeah, but they could have sold them too us cheap as a closed hardware beta to see how we use them, or make our brains implode after 2hrs of gaming.

    @ pages - i wonder if i can get the "Co-Motion" hardware fitted inside my old PS2 powerglove, i blame Fred Savage personally.

  7. :) I saw your recent blog post ("Sony's New Controller...") with the NES Power Glove YouTube video, 'tone... reminded me of watching "The Predator".

    The trouble with Sony adopting my "Co-Motion" suggestion is that everybody will be reminded of Madonna instead of The Mad Stuntman & Reel 2 Real (or the "Madagascar" movie if you are Mr Sketch).

    #I've got the Moves baby, you got the motion / If we got together we'd be causing a "Co-Motion" etc.



  8. Mr.Monkey - (Forgot my blogger login)
    Had my trusty Sony Bravia for about 6 years now, so I'm planning getting a new Panny 3d telly for xmas this year or for my 30th b'day April next year... (sniff... I'm getting on)

    Was lusting after the Pioneer Kuro sets but they stopped making them before I could save enough pennies. The new Pannys have the same tech, and been following the news on avforums. About 75% sure of which set I want...

    LG will be making some smaller and more affordable 3d tellys at launch I believe.

    The only problems that remains are: widespread adoption of "another" upgrade, bearing in mind most people are still getting round to changing to HD sets. Will enough material be availible to justify upgrading?
    Sky will be launching some 3d channels (usure if thats gonna be in the States only).
    I'm sure that us gamers will be quick(er) to jump on the 3D train (if the price/performance is right)

    Another prob is, will the av savvy have to pony up for a new amp that supports HDMI 1.4? or will we be able to connect direct to the tv and then have a "return" HDMI cable for feeding sound back to their existing (and much loved) amps? Nobody know for sure until the kit is out there.