Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Heavy Se7en

What's in the Box? is it JohnSketch's Dismembered PS3? very cool video.

Now that the ApocalyPS3 is over i can play Star Ocean, 2hrs in, i'm lost already. That'll teach me for wandering so far away from my downed spaceship to go hunting cave slimes :D


  1. Nice vid.

    37 hours into Star Ocean now and I'm equivalent to half way through the 2nd disk on the 360 version.

    Doing all the side quests and shop orders too.As a result I am a bit over levelled and whooping some alien ass.

    Only got 4 trophies so far though, this game is well tight!

  2. @ pablo - yeah, it's a 'proper' JRPG, feels much like Phantasy Star U to me which is a good thing. loving the whole look and feel and the script is spot on so far. dodge attacks and real time character battle switching FTW!

    Think i'll read the manual tonight :D

  3. you can even switch in reserve members mid-battle!

    Took me ages to figure out how to nail the Rush combo. Worked in the simulator, but never against real enemies.

    You have to make sure you aren't moving, attacking, using an item etc... before you press square & R2. Feels good spanking an enemy with a perfect rush combo.

  4. i only has one member so far, Reimi. if i can ever find out where i left the ship i'm heading for the battle sim. first steps on a very big journey i feel.

    so, you gone for classic menus or teh fan baiting new style?

    i'm using CGI style, there's only so much retro a guy can live with... :)

  5. ps: thanks go to Ryk at work for killing my PC and loosing the last 3yrs of my work! he suddenly went home early afterwards, i am not a happy bunny.

    there was a BSOD (stop screen), a memory dump then it refused to do anything. wouldn't see the HardDrive or memory cardslots, only the DVD works, has my IDE card died? taking my bootable Ubuntu CD in tomorrow and crossing my fingers.

    of cause, he "was just sitting there and it went wrong" like they do yeah. *rolls eyes*


  6. bummer - hope you can restore it mate.

    Had to use the CGI menus in the end. The anime ones, although nice, made me feel like I was on the magic roundabout. How bright!

  7. As a side note, the Coil remix of Closer used in the opening credits of Se7en is one of my fav bits of music ever.

  8. @ pablo - the wonders of linus 9.04 cures all. was very strange, all the files were still on the harddrive but NOTHING in the windows folder. ran a few system checks via linux, mounted the drives etc. and BAM, suddenly windows was back there. ejected the linux cd, rebooted and windows working again.

    freaking weird!!

    yeah, the CGI menus are definately better.