Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Heavy Punctuation


  1. Ahhhhh, i have a week spare now in my gaming schedual thanks to hitting the XP brickwall again in Borderlands at lv61. damn that was a ride and a half. but unlike the first time i maxxed out and carried on earning monster experience, this time soon as you hit lv61 it locks it down so you can't earn any more. you can do the left over missions but it ain't worth cashing them in.

    don't know how much $$$ i have but last time i died, while wandering off to say hello to Cawmerax the Invincible (apt name BTW!), it cost me 4.8 million and didn't even dent my credit meter. think i'm gonna have to get the posse together and go knock on his door. meeting General Knoxx on teh second playthrough is enough to put anyone in therapy, epic gun fight and running around screaming because your HP bar is running on one pixel left.

    like the first pre-DLC game once you finish the 1 + 2 playthroughs suddenly everything has grown a pair of bollocks the size of cannon balls and is wandering around sporting its lv58-62 status like a big fucking pimp hat just daring you to have a go if you're hard enough.

    still GOTY. :D

  2. @ pablo - hey, it's about time i actually enjoyed playing a game instead of being mildly disappointed by it.


    never mind, i'll have Just Cause 2 next week :D

    then those bastards at Gearbox will release some new DLC again....

    best virtual crack ever. next to GT:PSP that is.

  3. Anyone bought Heavy Rain? I'm tempted..

  4. Mr.Monkey
    Yeah I got it, not got that far into it, had some quite bad bugs/freezing so waiting for the (second) patch...

    I loved the 1st half of Fahrenheit before the story just melted like an ice-cream and have loved what I've played so far of HR (the bug free bits)

    Would of gave Jason a clip round the lug-hole and not a balloon like. (play it and you'll know what I mean)

    There's always the demo to see if it floats your boat... And EVERYONE should buy Yakuza 3(twice), just so I get to play Yakuza 4 and the Feudal Yakuza game gets translated and maybe SEGA will come to their senses and make Shenmue 3 (based on the Yakuza game engine)

  5. i got the dynamic theme, it's alright, very brown.