Wednesday, 31 March 2010

In Memorandum: 23rd March 2007 - 1st April 2010

Do i keep Ubuntu or decide to give up the PSN? it's not an easy choice to have to make.


  1. So Mr Tone, what does your PS3 Linux install give you? Are you using it as a fully online personal computer, and is it any better than other PCs? In what ways? I'm with Reakt in that I always planned to give this a go but never did - what did we miss?

  2. I have just spent the last two nights removing all vestiges of Linux from my PS3, so not a happy bunny at all. It wasn't so much a powerful computer, more a stable, reliable alternative, with a bloody big screen! Did I want to remove it? No. Did I have to remove it? Yes. My two grandchildren would have gone mental if they couldn't play games this weekend. Do I regret removing it? Every second - but a second PS3 is beyond my budget at this time. If Sony had given more notice, I would almost definitely have purchased a Slim for gaming instead.

    I guess that makes it fair - I lose Linux, and they lose a sale...

  3. I'm with muggle....bloody arse cheek of it!

    Although saying that I'm dedicated to buying myself a slim in the next week or two.

  4. Amazon Caved to my Demands! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

    Dear Tony Flaxman,

    Thank you for contacting

    I understand from your email that an official bonus code for Limited edition should be provided with the item "Just Cause 2 (PS3)" as per Edios website. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Please be assured that I have brought all your comments to the attention of appropriate department in our company to let them know about your experiences. We appreciate the time you've taken to write to us.

    Further, In order to resolve this situation, I have made a one-time exception to our standard policy and placed a new order #203-78XX746-XXXXXXX for the limited edition "Just Cause 2 Limited Edition (PS3)" at no additional charges.

    [YAY] free games always taste better. see, it does work sometimes constantly bugging companies, they'll just get fed up in the end and pay you off -haha- :D i was quite happy to send the other copy back too, but tell me this, how can you check for enclosed DLC codes without opening the box? maybe they should put the codes under the plastic wrap in future.

  5. @ MM - "If Sony had given more notice, I would almost definitely have purchased a Slim for gaming instead."

    i thought the same, but a few days notice aint enough time to organise stuff like that. i might trawl the cash convertors of the world to see if they have any secondhand consoles knocking about in a couple of weeks, until then i'm off the PSN i think.

  6. Within a few months I reckon that the price of second hand consoles (with older firmware) will shoot up. Kind of like when there was the first exploit out for the PSP. If your had v1 on it - it was worth a fair bit more than a brand new PSP.

  7. @ reakt - when you put a new harddrive in the console you can load in a lower FW version. but don't tell Sony. shusssshhhhh.

  8. scrub that, Sony have blocked access to older firmware versions off their site. gits.

  9. I do not have the Japan/Slim 3.20 System Software, but I can offer you the "PS3UPDAT.PUP" from any of the following folders on my hard drive...

    PS3 Firmware 1.10 (Japan) [10 November 2006]
    PS3 Firmware 1.10 (US) [10 November 2006]
    PS3 Firmware 1.11 [29 November 2006]
    PS3 System Update 1.30
    PS3 System Update 1.31
    PS3 System Update 1.32
    PS3 System Update 1.50
    PS3 System Update 1.51
    PS3 System Update 1.54
    PS3 System Update 1.60 [22 March 2007]
    PS3 System Update 1.70 [19 April 2007]
    PS3 System Update 1.80 [24 May 2007]
    PS3 System Update 1.81 [15 June 2007]
    PS3 System Update 1.82 [28 June 2007]
    PS3 System Update 1.90 [24 July 2007]
    PS3 System Update 1.92 [4 September 2007]
    PS3 System Update 1.93 [13 September 2007]
    PS3 System Update 2.00 [8 November 2007]
    PS3 System Update 2.01 [20 November 2007]
    PS3 System Update 2.10 [18 December 2007]
    PS3 System Update 2.17 [13 March 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.20 [25 March 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.30 [15 April 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.35 [15 May 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.40 [2 July 2008] - WITHDRAWN
    PS3 System Update 2.41 [8 July 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.42 [30 July 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.43 (Japan only) [17 September 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.50 [15 October 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.52 [5 November 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.53 [2 December 2008]
    PS3 System Update 2.60 [21 January 2009]
    PS3 System Update 2.70 [2 April 2009]
    PS3 System Update 2.76 [14 May 2009]
    PS3 System Update 2.80 [24 June 2009]
    PS3 System Update 3.00 [1 September 2009]
    PS3 System Update 3.01 [15 September 2009]
    PS3 System Update 3.10 [19 November 2009]
    PS3 System Update 3.15 [10 December 2009]
    PS3 System Update 3.21 [1 April 2010]



  10. heh, nice one FP, wouldn't mind a copy of 1.70 if you don't mind emailing it to me.

    t.flaxman (at) ntlworld (dot) com

  11. Not at all... but it is 106MB (and in a compressed form already).

    I will host it somewhere & send you the link instead (so you can download at your convenience rather than stopping the rest of your e-mail arriving).

    ...34 minutes before it finishes...



  12. PS. [ ]




  13. thanks dude. got 1.7 stashed now.