Wednesday, 31 March 2010

25hrs in Panau

Chaos Score: 223380. Got right stuck into this over the weekend seeing as i couldn't fix the Sat' dish, but i sprayed and built up the new bike for work, and my cat has teh cold so if sniffing and sneezing all over my gaming stuff. cheers cat.

BUT, Just Cause 2, it's a blumming huge sandbox, i measured it out at being 35kms by 35kms as the slightly battle damaged helicopter flies. ok, so about 1/3 of that area is water but it doesn't matter. There are 3 factions and the miltary to deal with, plus you do your own missions for the agency, at the moment yellow is the big colour on my map as i've done a few missions for the Ular Boys, gonna sort that out as i don't like any one faction getting too big. This game feels more like Mercenaries 2 than Mercenaries 2 did, it does what the original Merc's did and just made everything bigger and better, the whole factions thing for a start feels much like the PS2 game, didn't play the first JC so can't compare, but i do know what running around in a sandbox causing mayhem should feel like, and when it feels this right it has to be good.

apart from the dubious voice acting, so bad it's great, the missions seem standard fair, go here kill him, blow that up, find this, escort that, the usual fodder for such a title as this, then you have the side missions which include races, taking over areas, finding boxes, more killing, and all done in the best possible taste! this is a dream for ADHD and OCD sufferers alike, yesterday i spent a good while making sure an island had all the faction collectable items cleared off it because the icons made it look messy :) You can duel wield different weapons, use grenades and planted explosives and run around causing chaos, which is the whole point of the game after the main storyline.

the vehicles handle well, guns go boom, people panic and scream, the sky diving is truely something else, i got a milehigh club trophy for base jumping over 1000m in one drop and a trophy for standing on the highest point on the map. i have been a happy exploring dude'

if you like sandbox games and dicking around, this is top fodder.


ps: can suck my balls for not giving me the special pre-order edition with the dlc codes in the box, still waiting to hear back from both them and Edios about the situation.

pps: FirstPlay.. worth 99p? probably not.

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