Saturday, 13 March 2010

For The Love of Grud, RevBurn on the Sony Move.

Probably NSFAnything ;)


  1. haha i lol'd

    move controller ain't for me either. Sony want us to prance around in the living room with these things plus over-priced 3d sunglasses that look like something out of a low-budget 1970s movie. What's wrong with the dualshock 3? - I'll stick with that rather than the "3-mote". See fanpages is not the only one to attempt to coin a new term for this thing! :)

  2. co-motion....3-mote....

    I dibs the "master-station": getting 14 year old boys active with their controllers!

  3. I think it looks like a bubble-gum dispenser - dispensing a coloured ball of bubble-gum lovelyness. Or the thing Arnie pulls out of his nose in Total Recall. Or as the fat guy in the video says - a dildo with a lightbulb on the end of it!

  4. Another good (nay, better) suggestion, reakt.

    I think after the novelty has worn off (24 hours after release) I'll be sticking with my PlayStation Stationary controllers too.

    I also have doubts about the effectiveness of the technology as I found the EyePet title only worked when natural daylight filled the room where my PS3 is located. When attempting to play after sunset the PlayStation Eye failed to spot the "Magic Card" in clear view on the floor.

    As proven with the Nintendo controllers you really do need to play at night with the curtains closed so nobody can see you looking like a complete gimboid.

    PS. The new Sony controllers ("Nunchuck Norris" & the other less fanny ones) do have vibration built in... but that wasn't mentioned during the press conference earlier this week (most likely because somebody would have made comments on the shape).



  5. ahah, I can explain your problem Fanpages. After sunset each Eyepet turns from a cute family-friendly creature into a sinister and badly-behaved little rotter. A bit like in the movie, "Gremlins" (I've not seen it but apparently the creature in that movie in its cute form is known as the "mogwai"). Far fetched I know. Anyway, the reason why your Eyepet doesn't respond to the magic card in his altered after-sunset-state is simply because he's no longer interested in playing friendly pet with you, or, in fact doing anything that you request. He's far too busy trying to get up to no good instead. Take that magic card away from him and swap it for a pr0n mag and he'll soon jump back into life, the cheeky little monkey.