Monday, 29 March 2010

"Other OS" goes the way of Backwards Compatibility

Remember the "Other OS" feature on the PS3? Well SCE are removing it from your console via the next firmware update (released on April 1st). You can read all about it over on the PlayStation blog. For those that use the feature, they can choose not to update their console to the latest firmware, however without the new firmware it's not possible to play online, access the store, etc, etc. Sony have said that the feature is removed due to security concerns. I understand that it left the gameOS more vulnerable to exploits, and might one day allow shady characters to play *ahem* "backups" on their console (which links me nicely to the reason I posted that pic - honest :)). Come on Sony - just keep patching it to keep it secure! If you don't then the pirates have already won!

How do you guys feel about this? I know a couple of you have installed Linux on your PS3 at some point. It's something I've been meaning to do myself but just never gotten around to it! So this latest announcement doesn't affect me much. However, if Sony can take such a drastic step at the drop of a hat, what's to stop them removing other features in firmware in future updates?



  1. By the way, Sony's move is all in response to the claims of this guy George Hotz and the naughtiness he's been up to lately.

  2. thats not naughty......naughty is driving a tractor into the girls changing rooms.

    But I will say this: Sony = GAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!

    They are slowly losing what made the PS3 fun to own! the "tinkerability"

  3. if Sony now thinks i'm going to buy a 3D TV off them they can sit and spin on it, probably remove the 3D feature because it gave someone somewhere a headache once, so they'll remove the feature.

    sound stupid?

    that's exactly what they've done with this FW/OS block update.

    I expect, no DEMAND some recompense for loss of product features from my launch PS3. NO other company would dare pull this stunt, even Toyota are giving people money for their problems.

  4. George responds with an apology to PS3 Linux users.

  5. Ok. So, yeah, this is bullshit. but after scanning the comments on that Geohot apology page, i only just learned we lost SACD playback too. Seriously, what the fuck Sony?

    Yeah, so Apple release the iPad for stupid money, then charge an extra £30 for something (USB connection) that should have been on there in the first place. That kind of shit is pretty much a given these days, i can accept that. But releasing a product with numerous features that are then removed down the road? is that even fuckin legal?
    i once had the wheels nicked off a Polo i had. I was seething, robbing little twats. Imagine how pissed id have been if i found out it was VW that came round in the night and made off with them?

    Sorry, getting a bit off-topic. it would NOT be anything even approaching difficult to work the software around the exploit. they have many a good coder in their shiny buildings, pitty they make them mostly concentrate on new ways to code wallpaper in Home.
    They probably just stocked up every major supplier or something, and would argue that there are too many unsold machines out there with the 'unsecured' feature, that they cant guarantee would be bought by well-meaning, loyal and law-abiding citizens, who would then upgrade the firmware

    but if i dont update i cant shoot the french in COD........

  6. Wow - 913 comments to the original article from the users on the Eww Blog. Zero replies from anyone at Sony regarding users' questions / disappointment.

  7. @Reakt

    surprised much pal?

    P.s. Sorry I was a bit sweary last night :/

  8. while we're bitching things up, my copy of Just Cause 2 turned up today from Amazon (dispatched last Thursday f-kin useless posties)and it didn't have the DLC pre-order bonus codes included in the box. and now i've opened the box to check for the codes i can't return it. *sighs*

    have emailed edios and amazon customer services.

    *turns blue holding breath*

  9. got an email back from Amazon, saying basically 'fuck you, we didn't offer a pre-order bonus for this game and seeing as you opened it we won't take it back either'

    they also said i could buy the 'limited edition' if i wanted extra content.

    have written back including the link from the Edios site on the pre-order bonus page to amazon, and the quotes from pre-order FAQ stating the codes are inside the box and will enable me to download the same content as the LE version, and asked WTF do they think they're playing at, as it is quite obvious i should have had the box with the codes included.

    no reply from Edios yet, hopefully they'll take pity on me and give me a code for being dicked around. i have registered the game with them.