Wednesday, 10 March 2010

GT5 Nights Trailer (Off GoWIII Game Disc)


  1. HELLO, hello, hello, hello...

    i guess everyones busy playing FFXIII

    *wanders off into a rainy Friday morning*

  2. I still can't bring myself to stop power levelling post-game on Star Ocean.

    GT trailer looks good - and I like how that guy (Peter Dille?) slipped in at GDC that it would definitely be released this year!

    Will believe it when I see it.

  3. heh, i've been grinding in Borderlands, need to be at least level 61 to beat Cawmerax the Invincible, got cocky and went to fight him, died within seconds. second play through on the Secret Armory of Knoxx kicking arse. can even glitch into the armory and browse at my leasure, it's a warehouse full of weapon generation crates [heaven]

    at least we beat Sony at posting the new GT5 trailer up *chuffed*