Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Be Very Afraid

In a news belch from Microsoft today was hidden the worrying statement:

"In the immediate future, the Xbox 360's game line-up will see a dramatic change. The Halos and Gears of Wars that dominate the platform will feel pushed aside for more inclusive games that are less about bullets and bombs, more about family-friendly action."

If that paragraph there doesn't give you the willies about what is going to happen to our dear and much loved hobby i don't know what will.


  1. Google killed the video account due to 'copyright violations' so i'm test posting from my new account.

    mic check one, one, two, one two three.

    going to be posting using this account, you shouldn't notice anything different, but it's just a pain in the arse having to keep logging out and back in again.

    going to create a new video account later too.

    pfffffffffft. it's always something.

    going to trade show on Saturday if the weather is OK, hopefully Sony will be there like they were earlier this year.

  2. until they remove the lag and get it to actually respond to your movements rather than vague shape throwing I wouldn't hang up your controllers just yet... interesting article on Kotaku about the need for buttons -

  3. they'll have to wrench the joypad from my cold, dead, hands.

  4. just came back from Game where I saw some kid dancing about waving his arms in the air in front of one of those stupid kinnect wotsits. Yeh, he looked like a right bell-end. Microsoft sure are desperate having to resort to that crap - trying to play catch-up, ironically to a company that's recently posted a loss. I.e. they've missed the boat.