Tuesday, 26 October 2010

mETAL gEAR NDS Hands On Gamplay

Having traveled back in time yesterday i managed to pick up a copy of Metal Gear for the NES, well, the softROM anyway, and seeing as i have now hammered some emulators into my NDS i figured it would be a good game to check out to make sure it was working. I had the original on my MSX, ah, i loved that machine, i used to save up my spare cash and go down to my local independant games/music shop and try to score one game a month, if there were any released that made it into the wild barren lands that i lived in at the time.

The emulators i have put onto my AceKard/Wood/Moon/R4 hybrid are NESDS, jEnesisDS and DSMasterPlus, i think you can figure out what consoles they are :)


  1. Hmmmmm, very nice but have you seen there's a price drop on the PSP - whatever the UMDless one is called? Looks tempting!

  2. my next handheld is gonna be the N3DS. Really enjoying my NDS Lite, I've had my PSP for 2 years now and it really hasn't had much use i that time at all.