Monday, 25 October 2010

Killzone 3 Beta gameplay WOW

The first rule about Fight Club is...

Post footage of a closed beta on youtube.

Looking lovely and a lot 'snappier' than Killzone 2. They seem to have toned down the motion blur too making it seem crisper.



  1. I'm in the private beta, which I think goes much wider today. It's the best beta I've taken part in so far, when the NDA lifts I'll say more.

  2. Love it, can't wait to get into a clan with you guys again!

    nice one pabs, this post is only getting me more excited!

  3. Aha - as of 12:30 today the NDA has been lifted :)

    It's DAMN GOOD - there are only 3 small/mid sized maps in the alpha/beta/whatever, but the atmosphere is top notch, not as bright and shiny or hectic as MW2 etc. but a great multiplayer shooter. KZ2 suffered from a sluggish feel - this is not timesplitters fast, but it's no longer the problem it was. I really like the pace. As the youtube chap says, no lag, it reacts well - you get time to think / smoked when you don't.

    I've been playing as engineer, who can repair ammo crates, build turrets, hack enemy turrets etc. Other classes are marksman, tactician, infiltrator, medic. progress to unlock better turrets, guns etc. Lots of people seem to go for the engineer, there is a small issue as distance to medic is not shown so folk are not waiting to be healed - this will get fixed no doubt. Other fun classes let you appear as other side or invisible, hovering bots to protect you, patrol the area etc.

    There are cool exoskeletons to get in, very "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH". No jeeps though, I'd like a nice jeep. Love Warhawk...

    The melees are awesome -you see a couple of the animations above, there are a good few more. really nice feature of the engine.

    There is an interesting game mode 'Operations' where ISA have to progress, Helghast have to stop you, sort of (a) blow the door (b) grab the thingy (c) blow the base. It's different while the same, a nice mode.

    What's really interesting is the number of GG developers in the beta forum, they really are listening and acting of the feedback, so I'm expecting nice improvements in the next beta/gold.

    I've already buying this, and you know I don't buy much ;)

  4. *tips inbox upsidedown and shakes out*

    nope, no beta invite for me :(

    been working on a new LBP level, that's currently in pre-alpha so far but coming along nicely, not happy with the last bit i made with the wind turbines so will redo that, but happy with the concept.

    it's gonna be called "Cardboard, er.. Lands" and everything is built from cardboard and polystrene with a minimal use of extra colour and detail. Pleased with my skagzillas, they have bee cannons on their back, yes, BEE CANNONS!

  5. sounds good tone, message me when it's published and I'll heart u - if you deserve it ;)

  6. KZ3 looks nice. Maybe I'll get around to finishing the last instalment before this new one comes out!?? Who knows. Will be fun to play online again with you guys!