Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dear Kaz


  1. thing is, if you send that letter to Kaz he'll think it's not quite perfect and start developing some elaborate paper damage modelling (but only for premium 210gsm stock) and incorporating a dynamic ink weather system.

    It'll put your reply back by at least 4 years.

  2. i LOl'd at your use of premium 210gms.

    you don't know how much i have to beg to justify ordering that stuff in for stock.

    mmmm UltraWhite Photo Glossy Paper FTW! great for printing game maps of teh intarwebs.


    "Our engineers complain every day: 'Isn't it enough that it's in 1080p? Does it have to be 60fps too?' But I think 60fps is very important, so we're working towards perfecting that", Yamauchi told PSM3 magazine.

    "There might be times when you have a certain combination of conditions that come together - especially with the weather effects - [when] the game might briefly drop from 60fps, and for that I beg your forgiveness!"