Thursday, 21 October 2010

Land Of Confusion: Adios Fallout 3

350hrs of Fallout 3 condensed into 4 minutes 44 seconds. I 'finished' the game yesterday, and i don't mean just the main plot line, all side quests and misc. stuff too (main plot in good, neutral and evil) as well as visiting and exploring all 160 locations on the world map. EPIC. My final tasks were to finish the data hack of 50 terminals and kill the final behomeths, but that's just understating the travels i have taken these past few days.

At one time i was trapped in the Statesman Hotel for 3hrs thanks to a glitch and i had to end up building a pile of mutant legs, fire extinguisers, corpses and my damn minigun just so i could manage to jump up to a ledge and escape, only to be confronted by a 3 storey drop to the street below.

With all that done i met up back with Red, Shorty and Charon in Megaton and kitted them out in various bits of Brotherhood tech and we set out on the long march to the Whitehouse (i couldn't decide between that or the Vault-Tec HQ as a final place). Along the way we got into scrapes and fights, even managed to kill a Scavenger i quite liked, but that's how it goes in the Wasteland, i loved making up back stories and such as i went along for people and places, that was part of the appeal for me in this game. We eventually got to the Whitehouse, and i'd built this place up an epic place to finish the game, but it was not to be so, we entered the site via a maintenance tunnel to be confronted by what looked like the site of a direct nuke strike.

As i stood there, shell shocked, some Glowing Ones attacked the party and Red fell before the others took them out in a hail of gun and plasma fire. My rad count was rising fast as i dragged Red's body into the sun wondering how it could have come to this after soo long, i looked at Charon and Shorty not knowing where to go from here, Red trusted me, now she was dead at my feet, the clicks rose higher, i looked around as sever radiation sickness took hold then my kness buckled and i fell onto Reds motionless body, the music tolled the death notes as the camera panned around.

But that's the Wasteland for you, live your own life because one day it will claim you.

Tommorrow, i head for New Vegas.


  1. OMG. I've spent about 25 minutes in Fallout 3 myself..

  2. -heh- it takes me longer than that to sort my inventory. :)

  3. my life is all about KZ3 private beta, I hope some of you can join me soon. I'll say no more ;)

  4. played 3hrs this evening of F:NV and no sign of any glitches at all. they've tweeked a few things and i feel this will make the new game harder, or more realistic. nice to see they haven't messed with the core mechanics.

    love the worn look of the collectors edition contents.

  5. just logged in, F:NV patched to 1.01 19Mb DL