Thursday, 7 October 2010

Zero Punctuation: Halo: Reach


  1. I must admit, I've not played this for about 2 weeks now. Currently addicted (again) to Ikaruga. It's the shmup equivalent of super mario bros 1/world (i.e. pretty much genre perfection).

    I'm still terrible at it though.

  2. im now on hour 25 of Dragon Quest IX and have made it to Coffinwell with it's amusingly named NPCs. That game has a dark sense of humor :)

    ps: is it wrong to make one of your party go into battle wearing nothing more than her panites?

    pps: DQ is the best NDS game i have played to date.

  3. i really, really, wanna play it but gonna hold out for a 3DS I think (sold my DS lite some time ago).

  4. the 3DS has got a strong line up of games coming, i'm very tempted and hopefully it'll come out before this tax year ends so i can write it off as office equipment -hehe- hell, we'll be paying 20% VAT soon *sobs*

    Dragon Quest VIII for my PS2 arrived today but needed a sig' so i'm off to the post depot tomorrow morning to pick it up. that was £3 well spent, grud bless ebay :)

  5. It's a v good game in my opinion (VIII). The British-esque voice acting is top notch. As is the cell shading.

    I was gonna get myself a new PS2 slim but then I realised I had a mate's modchip effort in the loft so will be fetching that out for some Gradius V love.

  6. just started playing it, the first barman sounds like that compare the meercat advert. simples :D plays just like the NDS version but much prettier, being 3rd person instead of top downish kind of view. think i'm going to enjoy it.

    also dhl tried to drop off a package from HK, i suspect it's my sample PS3Jailbrake, about two firmware updates too late. but still.. will be interesting to have a look at.