Friday, 22 October 2010

Left Left Shoot Shoot Shoot

Space Channel Five (pt 2) and it's knicker flashing heroine are coming to the PS3 Store in spanking 16:9 o'vision. If you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years SC5 is a rhythm action game at heart that's more shagadelic in style than Austin Powers on a handful of mothers little helper.


  1. SSSSSAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY - GAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Sega. I've played that one, it's pretty much as your title suggests as I recall.

  2. USed to own the dreamcast original but never played part 2. Crazy taxi nearly piqued my interest but don't think I'll really start paying attention to these re-releases until the words Day & Tona are used.

  3. release Seaman or nothing :D

    picked up Fallout New Vegas CE today. big box!
    FTR i have No.600, a nice round number there.

    *hovers over virgin packaging with craft knife*

    also got Gran Turismo 2 for £2, Final Fantasy XIII for £12 and Virtua Tennis 3 for £4. Oh and a limited Game GT5 gift card and a couple of sackboy/sackgirl keyrings cos they were just too damn cute to leave in the shop.