Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Good, Bad And The Sexy

Back from the trade show, a morning of trail bike riding and sweet chestnut gathering, mmmm, yepp it's that time of year when the clocks go back, the bikes get put in storage, companies try to pimp their wares to us all and we all sit around gaming moaning about how cold/dark/miserable/shite it is outside while hugging our joypads/sig' others close.

The good was all the 3DTV deals at the show and Sony putting on a good display, i got to hang out in their 'home environment' again which was nice, they had a 55" 3D screen up this time around and the quality was top notch. Nice to see even this many months later since launch and having a home built 3D rig running PS2 games that the impressions of depth and loverlyness hasn't faded. Samsung had a great entry level package in which you got a 750C series 3D 40" TV, 3D Bluray player, 2X glasses pack and a film for 795 beer tokens. Prices went from that to quite frankly obscene in the Panasonic zone!

The bad was a showing from Trust, they had a great stand with the frontend of a Merc' touring car rigged with force feedback wheels and screens where the windscreen should be. It looked good what with the external monitors showing the race. My hetro life buddy and myself went head-to-head in a timed race, and i felt like the dogs in the car, shame the wheels themselves were just soo bloody horrible with a dead zone that must have been a good 90 - 120 degrees big! the thing was just undrivable, and the game was GRiD, which i royally kick arse on with a joypad. Their force feedback just felt dead and lifeless.

The sexy was the Booth Babe from Sony that i spent a good 45 minutes chatting to/up, i blame the huge Americano i chugged earlier, after a while talking shop conversation turned to GT5 and the racing pods they run with 3D screens, she told me they had review copies of GT5 there, but no amount of begging, promising my external soul, cheap distraction technnics, would get her to give me one (f'nar!) She did admit though they still haven't got a release date for the game and had no idea when they could expect a full copy for the pods, the finger of blame seemed to be pointing at SCEA though.

Happy Halloween peeps, i'm going to roast my nuts now.

Unofficial ThreeSpeech Bloggers Hit The Hi-Tech Trade Show


  1. forgot to add, i picked up a Sagem Freesat HD box and that BBC One HD launches this week on the 4th Nov' with an evening of recorded in HD programes (the Freesat guys had a big black RangeRover with roof mounted disc at the show, top notch!) Not sure how this will effect BBC HD, but the difference in picture quality is totally noticable.

  2. Nice one tone, sounds like a good day out