Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fish Botherer

Now, if you're anything like me fish seem to want to kill themselves than be looked after by yours truely, that's if the cats never got to them first. So i was quite interested when 'My Aquarium' popped up on the Store, i had a spare few quid in the account so i figured, what the hell, and got it.

I've set some test aquariums up to see what happens, no sign of canabalism or floaters yet :) Leaving the thing running is veeeery chilled out with a nice range of background music, though the bubbling noise can get a little bothersome so i turned the volume down on it. can't do that with real fish can you.

If you're feeling cheap and can't be bothered with virtual fish keeping the dynamic theme is pretty nice too.

ps: cats have shown no interest in attacking virtual fish, i think they're more hyped by pawing at the cars in GTs replay mode.

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  1. also, a quirk of teh PS3 video editor, you have to save ingame footage out to a flash stick then back onto the harddrive before it will let you edit it. comes up with some error about 3.40 or something if you don't