Wednesday, 13 October 2010

GT5 Is Now Unofficially Vaporware


  1. what they gonna do next, wait until next Wednesday then delay the new Fallout game too?

    *dispondent sigh* what's an extra few weeks after waiting 3 1/2yrs already?

  2. they ALWAYS seem to delay a Gran Turismo title, those guys need better spreadsheets.

    I'll put my hand up and manage the donations for the mobiletone healthcare fund, he's going to need a big bottle of something strong...

  3. there are delays, then there is taking the piss.

    better cancel those days i booked off work to make sure i was here to receive my CE when it was delivered.

    really can't see us getting it this year now.....

  4. @tone

    My first thought was 'March 2011' too (saw your post in the other thread). The thing is, the Sony press release says 'it will live up to expectations', but how can it possibly after all this fuss?

    Still, it gives me time to save up for another PS3 so I can actually play it.

  5. At least this gives me time to finally finish Borderlands (just completed playthrough 1, at level 36, and into second playthrough before I do the expansions). And with luck, I'll even get some way through Fallout New Vegas before getting GT5. And if it gets further delayed into February next year... it'll lose out big time to KZ3!

  6. level 36.... n00b :D i've well and truly finished Borderlands now, playthrough 1 and 2 with dlc and playthrough 2 in co-op and dlc. great great game, infact best game of 2010 as far as i'm concerned.

    just wating for them to patch the glitch in the last DLC and raise the level cap before finishing off those last 3 trophies.

    the best weapons can be found in the Knoxx DLC pack, though there is a nice stash in Revolution once you finish it.

    Fallout New Vegas next friday, i wonder if it'll be another 300hr timesink like the wonderful Fallout 3. i used to spend many a happy hour tromping around the wasteland exploring and shooting rad roaches.

    between that and my continued questing in Dragon Quest IX on the NDS i've plenty to keep my mind off GT5 *spitspit*

    @ pablo - i've kind of resigned myself to next March, they've totally killed off my enthusiasm for it now, waiting for this game has been like being in an abusive relationship, now i'll just sit here, keep my mouth shut and take the kickings.

  7. i'd also like to know how Official Playstation Magazine issues 51 on sale Oct 27th can feature GT5 as a cover spread and do a full featured review if the game is not finished. So Sony are sending out finished copies of the game to be reviewed yet not letting it go on sale? this just adds fuel to it being delayed for purely business reasons and profit at the expense of the series fans.